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to be well pissed off

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duomonstermum Sun 31-Aug-08 21:38:28

i don't think i am. she has been his friend for nearly as long as i have known him and he has supported her through a lot of things, with my blessing. we even asked her to be DDs godmother. she has now started an argument with me accusing me of interfering with her friendship with DH.

i phoned her this afternoon with an innocuous question about a textbook that i had been told was needed for the course i'm starting. she's on the same course but a year ahead iyswim so i thought she would know if it was worth buying. DH and her had argued nearly a month ago and hadn't spoken since but i had told him i would be keeping out of it. so the conversation with her this afternoon was ok, got the info i needed. she then asks after DH so i tell her he was trying to txt her to tell her his phone was on the blink. apparently this constitutes my interferencehmm.

she has now phoned me ranting about how DH hadn't the balls to talk to her etc and i basically told her to stick it. i was and never have been that interested in her relationship/friendship with him, she's never been nor ever will be a threat to me and yet she's accusing me of being insecure{hmm} wtf she's not that important to me angry DH is pissed off that she's started on me tbh i think it was the drink talking. oh well, i suppose i'll never see the £50 he lent her months ago thenhmm

oh and DH has never been supportivehmm not even the times she was having trouble with her ex and he sat in his car outside her house all night keeping an eye out, or the times he sat with her when the urge to self-harm was strong, or the times he ran her to a&e cos she had harmed herself, or the times i helped her with her coursework cos i had already done a similar course.......

Portofino Sun 31-Aug-08 21:57:15

It might be me - but I'm not entirely sure what it is that she has done and what you're pissed off about....

duomonstermum Sun 31-Aug-08 22:16:03

she started ranting at me about the argument she had with DH and how i was phoning her on the pretext of wanting info about the course i'm starting when what i was really doing was trying to fix things between her and DH, he never supported her and he was a selfish friend who didn't do anything to help her. according to her, DH needs me to hold his hand for everything and she's fed up with it.

i know it probably doesn't make much sense but he has always helped her when she's needed him to, sometimes at the expense of our time together and i resent that she thinks she expects him to help her when she wants but she won't do the same for him. DH does have a habit of collecting friends who use him and at the begining she was different to the rest but i'm now seeing that she's the same as all the rest who take advantage of DHs loyalty. i feel like telling her how much she's pissed me off by implying that he can't do anything without me, as if he were a child. the argument they had was between them, not with me and yet rather than her sorting it with him, she's taking it out on me. all i wanted was a simple answer as to whether a text was worth buying. i just don't get how answering her question about how DH was doing constitutes me interfering with the friendshiphmm

shoot Sun 31-Aug-08 23:11:22

She sounds a bit of a cow and your DH doesn't sound too fussed about her, and annoyed that she's started on you.

So don't bother with her.

honeyandlemon Mon 01-Sep-08 00:15:07

Hi. You might wish to google personality disorder (your friend - not you!!!!!) - it sounds v possible to me??

duomonstermum Mon 01-Sep-08 00:22:51

i'm just going to vent and run i think. it's not worth getting embroiled in something that has nothing to do with me. i blocked her number so she can't txt or ring me. i feel bad for DH that a long friendship has come to this but i know he'll deal with her in his own time. bless him, he was really annoyed and kept on asking if i was oksmile

BlackEyedDog Mon 01-Sep-08 00:24:10

she sounds unhappy. If she's in a crap way right now I think you should be kindly. Leave it for now.

Upsetting for you to be on the receiving end of her shitestuff though.

duomonstermum Mon 01-Sep-08 00:30:35

i suppose it's good practice for my new mantra

i'm a calm and rational person
i'm a calm and rational person
i'm a calm and rational person........

aaahh who am i kidding, i can be a raving loongringrin

BlackEyedDog Mon 01-Sep-08 00:31:48


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