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to be gutted that DD1's new dance school doesn't do Saturday morning lessons?

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sweetkitty Sat 30-Aug-08 21:30:29

Been searching for a dance school for DD1 as she would love it, found one 5 minutes away looked really good on the website it said they do a 3-4yo class on a Saturday morning 10-11am though great can take her there and still have Saturday afternoon free etc

Got there today and the classes are Friday night 5-6pm. I asked the teacher about the change and she said it didn't work at 10am as the children were too tired. Now as a Mum of a 4 and 2yo they are great at 10am and a nightmare at 5pm, what 3-4yo is tired at 10am?

I don't think I can take her as it would mean taking 2yo DD2 and newborn DD3 out at 4.45pm and 6pm in the dark and cold and it's a horrid time with dinners and meltdowns. Other option is finding another dance school that does Saturday mornings but theres not that many round here sad

Sorry DP is fed up of me moaning about it and just want to have a rant.

lilolilmanchester Sat 30-Aug-08 22:02:13

where are you, roughly? Other MNetters might know of other classes.

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