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To be miffed at not going to a music festival when I'm not that gone on the artists with a guy I'm not that gone on either?

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Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 00:57:23

I maybe should have posted this in Relationships or chat but hey ho here goes.

I've been seeing a guy for over two months, we both agreed that as both of us was carrying some previous relationship baggage that we would not be too serious but not by any means be just fu*k buddies either.

Anyway, about five weeks ago he mentioned that he might go to this festival, a weekend thing and would I be interested if he could get tickets. I said yes definatly if I could arrange childcare.

Two weeks ago over at his I saw two tickets for said festival, I said "Oh you have tickets" he said "Actually I'm going to sell them on e bay" I was a bit hmm but said nothing.

It was eating away at me but when I saw the line up for it I wasn't too keen and my ds is due back in school on Monday so I would have been shattred anyway.

So today he phones and says a friend of his is really down and he's decided to bring him to this festival. I didn't particularly want to go to it so why am I so angry?

I just feel like I'm being strung along. I'm not even that into him but I do have huge trust issues with men anyway and I'm feeling I'm being lied to and it's turning me off him.

I think I'm angry on principal that he had asked me fist if I was interested in going, said he was selling the tickets and today just vey casually announces that he's going with this other mate.

Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Will someone please shed some light on this for me before my head explodes.


BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:05:56

mammy, walk away.
if he chases you, all well and good.
if he doesnt, you know youve done the right thing.
id shag ye and be nicer to you, if that helps

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:09:41

Message withdrawn

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:10:24

Were carrying not was carrying.

Er thanks for the feedback Bloodysmartarse, it was all good till the last bit. hmm

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:14:18

I think your right anniemac. I'm 41 next Thursday. I don't want happy ever after but jeez someone honest and some romance. sad

VinegarTits Sat 30-Aug-08 01:14:28

Id be miffed too tbh, why didnt he just tell you he was going with the mate istead of you, in the first place, the ebay story sounds like a blag if you ask me, men are such tossers, i wouldnt bother contacting him again if it were me.

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:14:29

just trying to say i think youre cool, and you can do better.

VinegarTits Sat 30-Aug-08 01:16:29

Blimey, my grammar and spelling are bad when i have had a few blush

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:17:12

mine are anyway blush

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 30-Aug-08 01:17:34

I'd be a bit mad, I think. HE mentioned the festival, and you agreed, but HE didn't discuss selling / giving away one of the tickets with you. Did he know you weren;t keen on the line up? Even so, a music festival is more than the line up, isn't it? I think it sounds like things are a bit TOO casual, iyswim

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:17:51

SorryBloodysmartarse, I'm just hyper sensitive. Ah feck, is it too late to join a nunnery?

Yes Vinegartits, think it's gonna be a case of another one bites the dust.

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:20:27

No Joolyjoolyjoo, I didn't say anything about not liking the line up. BTW thanks evryone for your replies, it feels better putting it out there as opposed to it swimming round in my head.

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:20:49

yes it is too late to join a nunnery
and you wouldnt be happy if you did.
being oversensitive is ok too. its allowed when youve had your feelings somewhat kneaded.

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:22:49

Message withdrawn

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:24:27

s'ok to feel the way you do; just dont let him see it.
brush him off.
you are worth more and you know it.

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:24:45

Ok, so how do I meet someone special? Ok, that's a whole different days work. grin
Back to the drawing board...........again. <sigh>

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 01:26:39


by not lookin of course

did you think it was easy??


Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 30-Aug-08 01:28:12

Ach, the drawing board is a good place to be!! All that opportunity and no baggage! It is true, men are like buses- they come along all at once- enjoy! smile

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:29:09

Message withdrawn

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:29:38

No but when I look at the amount of women that are either married or in long term relationships I start to think will it ever happen for me? Would I want it if it appeared? Is there a happy medium? Oh fu*k I feel like Carrie from SATC typing one of her columns now. grin

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:33:18

Message withdrawn

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:33:54

Anyway, I won't solve it tonight/this morning but thanks for listening. It sounds a bit of a cliche but it really does help to not feel so alone in this.

Mhamai Sat 30-Aug-08 01:35:59

Oh no anniemac, trust me, been there done that, printed the ffin t shirt re crap relationships! I'm never going that route again but having said that who am I kiddin I'm just having mini crap ones now, albeit two month ones. sad

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:36:26

Message withdrawn

anniemac Sat 30-Aug-08 01:37:26

Message withdrawn

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