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to think that not all catalogues should be the same one????

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silvercrown Fri 29-Aug-08 17:08:01

I ended up cancelling Littlewoods because it was the same as Additions and now after finally checking my Empire catalogue I'm thinking "I've seen all these clothes before" and I'm right - it's exactly the same as Additons again!!! I thought Empire would be the one catalogue that wasn't run by the same people. Don't know why I even order from them really - everything is really expensive and not that well made but I loath clothes shopping and like the free returns service. Still - you'd think that there's no point in having so many catalogues clearly run by the same company - what a waste of paper printing various catalogues and yet you still see women in the street trying to sign you up to a Littlewoods catalogue. Grrr - silly rant but it makes me feel abit better.

3andnomore Fri 29-Aug-08 19:15:29

It's stupid isn't's the reason why I don't bother with catalogues

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