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To be thoroughly pissed off with Flybe..

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Lakelover Fri 29-Aug-08 10:47:49

Me, Dp and Ds (just 2) are going to Guernsey tomorrow for a week. Not only are we having to pay £100 each for the flights - even Ds - but they want to charge us £30 extra each for hold luggage! WTF?! I thought the cost of a flight included the cost of your hold luggage! Bloody ridiculous.

biglips Fri 29-Aug-08 10:49:56

i thought that was all part of the norm now that they charge you £30.00 extra each for hold luggage since the WTC.

Lakelover Fri 29-Aug-08 10:57:10

Really? Oh bugger. To be fair, we've had either Lake District or Devon holidays for the last few years, so I've been out of the flying loop. Looks like I'll just have to swallow it!

scaryteacher Fri 29-Aug-08 13:06:00

They pissed me off when they decided to pull their new route from Exeter to Brussels, and my mum and nephews had to go home 4 days early to UK to get on the last plane on that route.

katz Fri 29-Aug-08 13:09:58

lakelover - that the reason i fly with aurginy to the channel islands, price you see is the price you pay plus you get a drink on the plane

pamelat Fri 29-Aug-08 13:20:30

yep we flying with bmi baby next week to jersey and are being charged per suitcase. Am going to buy one huge one (!) and see if that still counts as one?!

Also, 3 of my friends with babies have recently been charged A LOT for excess luggage (in excess of £100, think they are really clamping down on it so be careful)

lizandlulu Fri 29-Aug-08 13:33:42

i went to dublin with ryan air, had to pay about £50 for the flight and £24 for a 15 kg suitcase and about £26 extra charges.

almostblue Fri 29-Aug-08 13:39:26

Lakelover - swallowing your luggage may well help you avoid extra charges; but I forsee potentially grave complications if you attempt such a course of action...

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