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to be hesitant about having another baby????

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gaggyboots Wed 27-Aug-08 19:21:03

This convo is exactly what it says on the tin!
I have found out that I am pregnant!Again!Unexpectedly i might add!
Ds is 7mo, I stopped breastfeeding at 6mo and still havent had a(sorry to be graphic)blaudy period.
I am still rundown from him(bad pregnancy, induced and scary labour where we nearly lost him,bad first few months with him crying etc,but lets not focus on all that!)and dp wants me to be happy.
I know i should be grateful, as I am writing this i feel like a horrible person.
I would just like to hear some reassurance that some of u mumsnetters out there found it ok having 2 children quite close together and did not want to jump off the nearest bridge?

pamelat Wed 27-Aug-08 19:24:29

Firstly, Congratulations!!
My DD is 7 months and I quite fancy another. Would be scared to tell work as am off for another 5 months yet! blush
Just think, you'll get the baby days & sleep deprivation over much more quickly than if you had waited the "usual" 2 or 3 years.
I am very keen, just trying to work out whether its feasible financially
Congrats to you!!

nowwearefour Wed 27-Aug-08 19:26:13

it will be a tough first year but from then on i reckon you will be 'quids in' - will be great with them so close. congratulations!

jellyrolly Wed 27-Aug-08 19:43:27

Congratulations gaggyboots. There's a year and a half between our two boys and it's brilliant. Agree with nowearefour that it's difficult to start with but I'm not sure it's any more difficult than a larger gap. I know I wouldn't have wanted a potty-training-learning-to-sleep-in-a-bed toddler with a newborn. (Hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

glaskhamhasoneintheoven Wed 27-Aug-08 19:43:48

gaggyboots- I fell pg with my DD when DS was only 7mths, there is 15.5mths between them, the first 6mths were pretty tough, having 2 babies really, but its well worth it now!!

DD is 2 and DS is 3.5, and i'm currently expecting DC3 anytime around DD's 3rd bday!!

I expected another easy baby like DS was, and it hit me hard when she was very demanding... so i advise to expect the worst and you can only be pleasantly surprised!!

glaskhamhasoneintheoven Wed 27-Aug-08 19:45:40

oh, and congrats btw!!

gaggyboots Wed 27-Aug-08 19:52:59

thank you all!!!
I think thats what im worried about~ds is quite demanding already and to have another like it....well!!I shall just have to try my best and be assured from you all that things do get better!!so i shall have u all to come looking for if it doesnt.... wink
I guess things happen for a reason eh!!
I shall try to be a lot more positive and not give dp a hard time!!

madame Wed 27-Aug-08 19:55:11

Don't feel guilty about how you are feeling about it. I think it must be a shock to find you are pregnant only 7 months after your first. I remember still being in a fog then but this has happened for a reason and you will be fine.

Good luck and congrats smile

alicet Wed 27-Aug-08 20:02:46

Understand you feeling anxious.

However I really think you will love it when they are a bit older. As others have said the first year will be rock hard - no getting away from that one. But my 2 boys who are 20 months apart already play with each other and have been of a fashion wince ds2 was about 6 months and could sit up (he is now nearly 11 months). The pregnancy was really hard as there was no down time too but now I wouldn't change the small age gap for anything.

Best tip is to get a good handsfree sling so that you can cuddle your baby when they are unsettled and still play with your toddler. I had a hugabub (google it for stockists / info) and it was bloody marvellous.

And good luck!!! x

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 27-Aug-08 21:12:50

I was 9 months when got PG again...
Firstly - congratulations!
2 - it's much easier the second time )labour and birth and looking after a newborn
3 - your first child will be in a completely different place than they are now and although it's hard to imagine - it will be much easier because they are more person than baby if that makes sense.

Things get better and better and it's impossible to imagine...

AbbaFan Wed 27-Aug-08 21:16:36

Just wanted to say that I agree you shouldn't feel guilty about being worried. I would have felt exactly the same.

I have a 4 year gap between mine, so can't really offer tips, but I have friends with a small gap and they managed ok smile

AbbaFan Wed 27-Aug-08 21:18:38

My friend has parent's at thier school that have 2 kids only 10 months apart, and they are in the SAME school year - now thats scary!!!!

clarebear24 Wed 27-Aug-08 21:19:38

Congratulations. It will be fine. Im a mummy now but worked as a Nanny for many years, two families I worked for had children very close together. I'm not going to lie it was tough, however you will get all the baby stuff over and done with quickly and then you will get some kind of life back. Having children close in age usually means they play well and are good mates (most of the time anyway) smile

Elmosgirl Wed 27-Aug-08 21:24:21

I got pregnant when DD2 when DD1 was about 8 months old. I found it hard to be excited about the pregnancy....not that I didn't want the baby but found the whole experience very different to first time round.

Oh and I had a pretty rough time with my first delivery. I actually had some councelling during my second pregnancy with one of the midwives at the hospital who dealt with that sort of thing and it helped soooooo much with coming to terms with all that happened and my feelings about giving birth again. It turned out that DD2's birth was a lovely experience.

DD2 is nearly 6 months old now, it has been ok...not gonna lie, at times it is tough. DD1 is still just a baby herself really (will be 2 in a few weeks) is sometimes hard to remember that as there is an even younger one in the house.

But we have had no jealousy at all as DD1 is too young to remember much at all and they adore each other. DD2 saves all her best smiles for DD1.

I never ever imagined I could love and cherish everything about another baby like I did for DD1 but I do.

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