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.. in thinking most men are immature bastards who think with their sexual organs and bugger all else?

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fedupandisolated Tue 26-Aug-08 07:09:39

sad sad

In my life I don't think there's been any man who hasn't let me down.

Am not name changing as I can't be bothered.

Why do I feel like this?

Parents divorce as father couldn't keep "it" in his pants.

Sexual abuse by an older male cousin AND another man in my life.

Husband who I still love has an addiction to phone sex lines.

My lovely sister in law's husband has just walked out on her after 24 years - for another woman. (okay that's not letting ME down but does nothing for my already crap opinion of men).

I could go on - tbh I have met only a handful of men who seem honest, normal and civilised.

I am sick of it all. I still love my feckless husband - God alone knows why as it's like having another child - can't seem to manage anything on his own. Leaves me with no respect for him. We've been separated for several months but are getting back together and going to Relate - I have lots to say about things that need saying with a trained counsellor.

Apologies to any of the normal decent men (and I know there are lots out there - despite thread title) who are reading this but some of your "brothers" out there are utter arseholes.

wahwah Tue 26-Aug-08 09:31:12

It can seem that way, particularly when you've known so many of them. I know a lot of decent, kind men - they are out there and we shouldn't put up with anything less.

mayorquimby Tue 26-Aug-08 11:45:43

in fairness it's the same for everyone, male and female.
can see why you feel that way as you have good reason to.but for every arsehole man there is bitch of a woman.
you just have to try not to let the losers who have inhabited your life so far ruin it further and hopefully you'll better luck in the future.

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