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to be sad that dh said

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AliceThroughtheLookingGlass Tue 19-Aug-08 07:09:54

'we can make an appointment to see


1 no she does not work

2 yes she is in good health

3yes she lives very locally

belgo Tue 19-Aug-08 07:11:22

Why does this bother you? It's only polite to check with someone first before visiting.

AliceThroughtheLookingGlass Tue 19-Aug-08 07:14:36

she only lives next door

and am feeling ill today and she is always busy

sorry not a ggod day to start this thread

she has broken lots of promises to ds

'to take him out

I would always check before visting someone

belgo Tue 19-Aug-08 07:15:53

So the fact that she has broken lots of promises to your ds is bothering you. THat would bother me too.

And never live next door to your in laws! Not a good idea.

AliceThroughtheLookingGlass Tue 19-Aug-08 07:16:16

ps it is her only granchild...dd is from my first marriage

and we will also be moving in a few months

AliceThroughtheLookingGlass Tue 19-Aug-08 07:17:45

thank you for answering

no it was a very silly idea

seemed a good idea,,when a thousand miles away

need to get my head straight I have lots to sort out

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