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To think this might be a 'holiday' to forget?

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mamhaf Mon 18-Aug-08 19:44:57

I returned to work today after our fortnight's annual leave. For various reasons we decided to have a 'staycation' this summer. But it wasn't the most relaxing.
In no particular order...

- It's pissed down with rain for two weeks
- on the first day of the holiday dh went out for a bike ride, fell off and ended up in casualty. At least dds thought the tetanus jab he had to have in his backside was hilarious.
- dh's ex-BIL died and the funeral was in the middle of the fortnight (dh had been close to BIL)
-my dad's been in and our of hospital and probably needs surgery
- my car's broken down and the garage says it might be an uneconomic repair
-- I got up this morning to find the dog had shat all over the kitchen.
Apart from that, it was great.

iMum Mon 18-Aug-08 19:48:43

Ohh good, can I join in.

Worked like a trojen to be able to afford 2 weeks camping in south of france (mostly petrol and ferry cost btw) to then 5 days in all come down with sickness bug from hell, starting with ds1 then me then dh and then ds2 all through the night vomity vom vom vom, all over the sleeping bags everywhere.
Had to pack the sick covered tent and other crap in the car very early next day to try to head home only for dh to pass out at the wheel, luckilly near enough to a service station with a hotel where we slept it all off.

Hideous hideous holiday from hell.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 19:51:35

blimey how awful for both of you. Sound like you need a holiday to get over it all.

imum where in south of france did you go? Was there myself til last thurs

mamhaf Mon 18-Aug-08 19:52:47

You've trumped me there iMum - at least we had our own beds to collapse into.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 19:57:10

think i would have lobbed the tent and sleeping bags and anything else covered in vom. Must have been hideous stink in the car - dreadfully unfortunate though to get so ill when you are on your hols.

mamhaf - did you tread in the dog shit this morning with bre feet with it squidging between your toes? If not then every cloud has a silver lining smile

mamhaf Mon 18-Aug-08 19:58:39

Fortunately I spotted the dog mess and sensibly got dh out of bed to clear it up. He's good at that sort of thing (as well as falling off bikes)

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