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to think that people should not smoke in a childs outdoor play area?

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pamelat Sun 17-Aug-08 19:51:47

I know it isnt illegal but surely its wrong morally?

I was at the park on Friday with my PFB (!) who is 7 months and we were on the swings when a set of grandparents turned up with a little boy who looked to be about 2 years old. They sat him on the swing next to my DD and the woman lit a cigarette and proceeded to smoke.

The park was full of children.

I think its really wrong? sad

ilovemydog Sun 17-Aug-08 19:53:08

People smoke at the zoo and I always tell them to put it out. smile

hercules1 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:54:09

No, yanbu.

betterhalf Sun 17-Aug-08 19:54:50

YANBU. I completely agree with you.

purplemonkeydishwasher Sun 17-Aug-08 19:54:53

i hate when people smoke in play areas.

they are assholes.

crazymummy84 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:56:59

I dont think its wrong if the parents who are sitting in their own space while the children are playing, but I don't like it when they are actually amog the kids and smoking.

crazymummy84 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:57:38

that was meant to say among, not amog.

kittywise Sun 17-Aug-08 19:58:08

I hate it too . it's pathetic that they smoke around children, really pathetic angry

Bumdiddley Sun 17-Aug-08 19:59:29

oo oo ooo I concur with kittywise

kama Sun 17-Aug-08 19:59:37

Message withdrawn

theangelshavethephonebox Sun 17-Aug-08 19:59:59

Agree that it's horrible. In my local park, part of the playground is sand (like a giant sandpit!), and not only do some parents smoke in there, they also drop their cigarette butts in the sand.

pamelat Sun 17-Aug-08 20:05:23

I regret not saying anything but I am not normally a confrontational person.

My next door neighbour smokes next to her 4 month old daughter, I think its shocking.

I know that some will say that we are living in a state controlled society but I really think that smoking in the vicinity of children should not be "allowed". If its dangerous enough to need to protect bar/restaurant staff and customers, surely its dangerous enough around our children?

My DH was a smoker for many years, including when we got together (he has stopped now) so I am not one of these avid anti-smoker types but around children I think its awful?

wahwah Sun 17-Aug-08 20:09:21

I'm not really bothered as long as my child isn't forced to breathe it in. Am always surprised that people seem unbothered by pollution from car exhausts and focus on smokers and think there needs to be some consistency .

expatinscotland Sun 17-Aug-08 20:10:45

what wahwah said.

i'm not so bothered, tbh.

and i'm a former smoker.

moondog Sun 17-Aug-08 20:11:41

Oh FFS. The clue is in the word outside.
Get a grip!!

wahwah Sun 17-Aug-08 20:11:53

me too! I used to love fags.

expatinscotland Sun 17-Aug-08 20:13:18

i used to love them, too.

i figure, they're going to go and visit my family in houston, one of the most polluted cities on Earth and also very violent.

i have a lot more things to be precious about.

Doodle2U Sun 17-Aug-08 20:14:43

and pushing buggies around with a child at precisely car exhaust level - bastards.


hughjarssss Sun 17-Aug-08 20:16:02

YABU. I used to smoke and as long as I was outside I don't think I would have thought I was being offensive - obv. I wouldn't actually blow it into the childs face.

Anyway you're refering to grandparents, who are of a different generation.

moondog Sun 17-Aug-08 20:17:13

I had a fag or two last Friday surrounded by loads of kids. In very small space. It was great.

Doodle2U Sun 17-Aug-08 20:17:26

<hijack> EXPAT! So, bought TendSkin, had bikini(+) wax, applied Tendskin, some dripped off cotton wool and straight onto/into you know where - screamed blue murder and wished all manner of evil on you.

Seems to have helped ingrowing hair spots though grin

tryingtocookacurry Sun 17-Aug-08 20:19:46

I always have a cigarette when at the park with dd. I have never considered that people might be offended to be honest.

I will remember this next time I am having a fag in playground and try to be considerate.

pamelat Sun 17-Aug-08 20:21:07

I prefer to walk her where there aren't any fumes, we tend to go along the river, around the lake etc. Once she is older and our walks are for a purpose rather than leisure, then fair point the exhuast fumes are as bad.

I think the point is that on a park you dont expect that kind of behaviour.

If nothing else, its a bit of a social faux pas?

I would quite like to have a glass of wine on a sunny Friday afternoon but I wouldnt take a bottle to a childs play area? What kind of impression is that giving to them?

expatinscotland Sun 17-Aug-08 20:22:14

Sorry, Doodle, beauty hurts . You won't get those red bumps with TendSkin, either.

I'm worried about my kids getting into drugs, knowing someone will smoke around them doesn't bother me too much.

pamelat Sun 17-Aug-08 20:22:55

just re-read my last post and the social faux pas bit sounds a bit smug, it wasnt meant to. I just genuinely was surprised that people did smoke in the park.

Thought it would be one of those "do not blah blah blah" things on the signs

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