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to think that my dd`s toddler group would providing the children with water based paint !!!!!

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heartmummy Sat 16-Aug-08 21:07:31

its stained all my dd`s clothes also my jeans and bag!! will not come out i have soaked them and put them though a 90 degree temp wash!!!!! should i have a chat with the leader or let it go as i know toddler group`s use paint`s

Twiglett Sat 16-Aug-08 21:10:23

was it blue?

heartmummy Sat 16-Aug-08 21:11:16

no bloody bright orange

misdee Sat 16-Aug-08 21:11:28

blue stains baaaaaaaaad

misdee Sat 16-Aug-08 21:11:54

wah twere they using then?

paint stains.

CantSleepWontSleep Sat 16-Aug-08 21:12:56

Even the 'washable' ELC ones say that they may stain if you read the small print, so they may well have been as good as it gets.

FromGirders Sat 16-Aug-08 21:13:56

Even water based paint stains - redimix is pretty bad. To get stains out you have to soak in cold water - soap helps but detergent does not.
Washing them so hot will have set your stain nicely - give up and chuck them.

psychomum5 Sat 16-Aug-08 21:20:30

water-based paints only mean that the paint will come out.

sadly, the colour does not!!!

this I know with my sons school t-shirts.........several had to be thrown last school year, and when I complained, the teacher told me about the colour issue.

it stains.


MsSparkle Sat 16-Aug-08 21:21:19

I had that at a M&T group. DD was painting and got it on her t-shirt and then the silly woman decides to tell us the paint is acrilic paint!angry

heartmummy Sat 16-Aug-08 21:39:27

next time we go we will be wearing our paint stained clothes!!!!!!!

nametaken Sat 16-Aug-08 21:54:43

he he, that's exactly what I was gonna suggest.

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