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To be annoyed travel agents keep saying that I'm going away 'Too Long'?

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cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 14:30:39

I'm going to NY next Year wih my Mum and DDs, staying about 10 nights.

The last couple of days we have been in travel agents to get an approximate price.

Every single one has said that 10 nights is too long/NY is only for short breaks/we need to do a 2 centre holiday.

So AIBU to just expect them to give me the details that I want?

CountessDracula Fri 15-Aug-08 14:32:10

why bother with them?
Just book flights and accomodation on the web, you can have whatever you want then!

CountessDracula Fri 15-Aug-08 14:32:28

i have never used a travel agent

squeaver Fri 15-Aug-08 14:32:46

Why not book it yourself? You sould be able to get some good flights and hotel deals if you're booking so far in advance. The travel agents will be trying to put you in a "package".

This is why all travel agents will one day go out of business.

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 14:34:28

I was just trying to find out if their prices were different. Only one airline flies from Belfast, so I wanted to know the prices from Dublin and London. I have been looking online but I am not very well at the moment and my concentration keeps wandering!

Portofino Fri 15-Aug-08 14:35:12

Agree with CD that you're better off doing it yourself. I think 10 days will be fab! We went for 3 last year and it was nowhere near enough - barely scratched the surface. There is soooo much to do and if you have kids you don't want to be rushing about all day everyday.

CountessDracula Fri 15-Aug-08 14:35:27

oh poor you
give me dates and I will look for you

Portofino Fri 15-Aug-08 14:36:21

PS I have a copy of Frommers NYC with Kids - found it really useful.

Portofino Fri 15-Aug-08 14:39:59

Meant to say too that it has a big family friendly accommodation section so more than happy to supply some info if you want - or some of it is available on line.

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 14:46:08

Aww thanks guys blush. We do have loads of time to book it. I'm waiting for results from the Drs so my mood isn't great. I was just a bit ticked off. The woman in Thomas Cook yesterday said "Oh that's long, it'll cost you!" while eyeing us up and down hmm.

It's my 40th birthday treat and we wanted to spend a decent amount of time as we'll be using 2 days to travel and don't want to rush around when we get there. My mum has been twice so knows her way around pretty well.

hanaflower Fri 15-Aug-08 14:46:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredemma Fri 15-Aug-08 14:47:56

I was a travel agent ( for T cooks) for about 6 years. Even I wouldnt use a travel agent to book my holiday.

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 14:52:23

I probably will just book it online, I was just a bit surprised at their attitude. The direct flight from Belfast was never very good, no individual screens etc, and we were trying to find out if they had improved. The cost of flights is shock.

CountessDracula Fri 15-Aug-08 14:53:20

Could you fly to LHR and then on to NY?
Might work out cheaper

LippyGobshite Fri 15-Aug-08 14:54:44

I imagine a two centre holiday will make them more commission, hence pushing the sale.

I find a withering look, a sigh and "Weeeeell, if you can't manage to help me at all I'm sure someone else will. Bye!" It's immensely satisfying.

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 14:56:05

It does work out cheaper,but adds over 4 hours travelling. I'm going to have a good hunt online at the weekend.

cocolepew Fri 15-Aug-08 15:00:04

The woman in TC says to wait until September and then it might be cheaper

When she tried to give me her card she got a curt 'no thanks if you aren't interested in helping now, why would we come back?'

Then me and my Mum both marched out of the shop.

Then slunk back in to get the DDs who were groaning under ther weight of hundreds of travel brochures.

kerryk Fri 15-Aug-08 15:00:11

trainfinders are fab.

they put up with my mum who is a complete nightmare. (not in general, just when booking hols)

AbbaFan Fri 15-Aug-08 15:13:32

Don't listen to them (agents that is, not lovely MN'ers).

I been to NY twice because I loved it so much. You will find plenty to do for 10 days, especially is you like shopping smile

I booked all the stuff myself and it's really easy. Have a look when you feeling more in the mood.

notcitrus Fri 15-Aug-08 17:59:11

Just to comment that BA and lots of other airlines always have a new year sale to the US, so if you can wait a while (I think the ads start Oct/Nov) it will be a lot cheaper - I could have saved £150 going to NY last year, even having to go on exact dates.
Newark airport tends to be cheaper than JFK too, and less crowded.

Agents just want to sell the holidays they have. Trailfinders are good because they tailor stuff to you, but they've often told me 'if you can book that flight for £x, do it - that's a better price than we can do!'

mumeeee Fri 15-Aug-08 18:03:38

We always use the internet.

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