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to wonder why it is considered in the public interest to tell us what celebrities are doing?

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wannaBe Thu 14-Aug-08 16:13:47

Because really it isn't.

On news this morning Jade Goodie is apparently going on the Indian version of big brother hmm.

Wtf do we need to know that?

Do people really care?

wannaBe Thu 14-Aug-08 16:15:38

oh and by celebrity I do of course mean those that are famous, and those that think they are famous and those that are desperate to be famous.

Jade Goodie is of course not a real celebrity - she just thinks she is and the media pander accordingly hmm

DeeRiguer Thu 14-Aug-08 16:18:27

you dont need to know it
its of no significance and is not news its pr
change your channel / news sources

policywonk Thu 14-Aug-08 16:21:35

I get my news from R4 and the Grauniad, and I rarely hear about any of this crap (although the G does succumb occasionally).

I do hate it when tabloid editors use the 'public interest' defence when they're being sued for breach of privacy. It's undermining the general presumption of freedom of the press.

wannaBe Thu 14-Aug-08 16:21:55

this was the bbc.

If you want to watch/listen to news you cannot avoid it.

twoluvlykids Thu 14-Aug-08 16:25:00

perhaps Auntie's being ironic? thinking we need some Good(y) news what with the Olympics or should that be renamed The Chinese Win A Lot Of Medals Game.

wasabipeanut Thu 14-Aug-08 16:37:08

YANBU - personally I couldn't give a crap about what jade Goody does. However, anyone that buys Heat/Grazia/Closer/letspointataslebandseehowfatorthinorspotty she is magazine is I'm afraid, partyly responsible.

Don't fuel the fire!

greenandpleasant Thu 14-Aug-08 16:40:19

YANBU. R4 had "news" of Brad & Angelina's twins arriving. If I wanted to know about all the celeb shite I could buy one of about 100 magazines.

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