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To spend the day eating biscuits, sulking and feeling sorry for myself

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Niceychops Wed 13-Aug-08 10:27:34

Because I am so bloody sick of the bloody rain

BouncingTurtle Wed 13-Aug-08 10:41:39

That's what I'm doing.

Actually it's not raining here at the moment but it is supposed to be raining here all week!

mamabea Wed 13-Aug-08 10:47:27

what biscuits have you got?

RubberDuck Wed 13-Aug-08 10:53:00

I have hobnobs and latte ... am joining you.

Niceychops Wed 13-Aug-08 11:12:18

I don't even have any yet angry

but will buy chocolate fingers when it stops raining

LittleMyDancingForJoy Wed 13-Aug-08 11:16:20

wish I could - am at work and it's grim and dull.

have some biscuits for me, too.

if you can get a duvet and some daytime telly in there too, so much the better.

BouncingTurtle Wed 13-Aug-08 11:21:39

I have some shortbread and chocolate digestives?

<<Hands them around>>

sallystrawberry Wed 13-Aug-08 11:23:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubberDuck Wed 13-Aug-08 11:48:33

Oh god the bickering.

My dses always used to get on really well. I was looking forward to this holiday to get to spend some time with them and quite honestly I am READY TO SEND THEM BACK (maybe to school, maybe to the kid shop - not sure which yet). They are 4 and 7 and have just discovered arguing as a hobby.

AND we're going camping next week and if it's like this then I'm going on strike and staying in a nest of duvet and sleeping bag with a book and sending the kids and dh out each day.

So there.


asicsgirl Wed 13-Aug-08 12:13:05

it's lovely here in w yorks. i've got the kettle on for you all...

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