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to think people that post on here when they are ment to be working, are cheating fraudsters

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calmswan Tue 12-Aug-08 08:11:53

claiming to be at work, getting paid for it, and posting on here, seems out of order to me.

brimfull Tue 12-Aug-08 08:15:22

I agree with you,although loads of mumsnetters work for themselves.

FrannyandZooey Tue 12-Aug-08 08:16:18

claiming to be looking after your children, and posting on here, is REALLY out of order
I would never do that

Jackstini Tue 12-Aug-08 08:16:37

It's called 'the breakout method' wink
When work is too much, you get your cup of tea to clear your head and a few mins on mn, then feel much fresher to carry on!
Obv if you are on mn 8 hrs a day then yes, cheating fraudster would apply!

onepieceoflollipop Tue 12-Aug-08 08:17:35

Oh calmswan you like posting controversial threads don't you?

YABU, afaik most of us have a (completely unpaid) break, certainly those of us who work more than a few hours in a row. It is a legal requirement afaik.

Most companies (even the NHS who I work for) have a clear IT policy regarding internet usage. Ours says that as long as we are not accessing inappropriate websites (e.g. pornography) we can use the internet on an official break. Also we are not allowed to run our own business during work time, or play online games or gamble. Seems fair enough to me tbh.

Obviously it depends on the job you do, for example if my GP started mnetting whilst examining me. hmm

expatinscotland Tue 12-Aug-08 08:18:04

As if your last troll thread weren't bad enough.


onepieceoflollipop Tue 12-Aug-08 08:18:56

Franny my children are looking after themselves atm wink

I worry about being called a helicopter parent. Regular short bursts of mnet protects me from the risk. grin

expatinscotland Tue 12-Aug-08 08:19:02


Tortington Tue 12-Aug-08 08:23:29

too right

fucking cheating bastards! get back to work you slattern slackers

expatinscotland Tue 12-Aug-08 08:26:18

you know, good point, custy!

think all you people who are posting on here when you're meant to be working (doesn't the usual working day start at 9?) should go to your GP and get signed off for stress and get paid to skive.

then come on here and start troll threads.

StellaWasADiver Tue 12-Aug-08 08:26:35

Am pissed off that you are a troll, felt sorry for you briefly yesterday.

unknownrebelbang Tue 12-Aug-08 08:28:47

Is this the new version of "one a day"?

Tittybangbang Tue 12-Aug-08 08:31:26

Yes, but some of us are MULTI-TASKING dontcha know!

[posts new thread on board, removes toddlers toe from ear, presses 'send' button on email to clients, scratches arse]


tiredemma Tue 12-Aug-08 08:47:20


Flamesparrow Tue 12-Aug-08 08:49:58

Ooh i would probably be reassured if my GP was MNing whilst examining me - better than when they look up wikipedia wink

I will thoroughly reprimand myself later for MNing during work time.

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