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to be really upset and annoyed that dp sends me home with the kids from a party when they are tired and he stays?

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shatteredmumsrus Mon 11-Aug-08 19:47:49

There is a social club on our road and yesterday there was a charity day there. Kids had a lovely time and did really well staying up til half ten. dp invited me up there as he had been there since 3pm watching the footy, i get ready and go up there and he ignores me all night. Y ask me to go??? Then when the kids want to go home he packs us off and leaves me to walk down the road (not far at all really) with the 2 children.I didnt make a big fuss last night but I was really cross. They are OUR children and we are meant to be a TEAM. He only stayed so he could drink more bloody beer (hasnt gone to work today)!Our friends were there and even his mate said he was wrong to stay while I went home. He has said sorry but only for a quiet life. I know he doesnt see anything wrong with it.He says that bloody horrible cliche - I have been at work all week!I deserve ...... Bollocks I say!AIBU???

ComeOVeneer Mon 11-Aug-08 19:50:12

He sent you! Is he your lord and master?!?!?! If you take it he will continue to dish it out.

shatteredmumsrus Mon 11-Aug-08 19:54:14

I know thats what it sounds like. I am shocked at myself sometimes at how I react to him. Its not like he sent me but the kids were tired and he made it very clear he wasnt coming with us. He got in just after midnight!

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