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trollywolly Sat 09-Aug-08 22:34:28

It's a horrible way to think, but we have a 3 and a half month old baby and he works 40 hours a week. He spends the rest of his time with us as he's a family man. We go off and do things together, days out, visit people. However, we have very limited money.

He's started a football team up at his work and expects to go and play with them but it infuriates me because I NEVER get any time to myself. he works 5 days a week and the other two days we look after the baby together. but say he was to nip out to see a friend, family, go to the pub, even go to the shop, he can just go and do it. I can't. if I even want to go to the shop I'd have to think about where caters for babies, I'd have to put the car seat in the car which is a faff, or take the pram which means I can't push a shopping trolley, do everything around feeds and poops and alsorts.

But he can just go and do whatever.

Yes he works hard and I shouldn't begrudge him time on his own, but I can never just scoot off on my own.

Do you know what I mean?

yes i am unreasonable but surely someone can sympathise?

livysmum Sun 10-Aug-08 02:35:07

no i totally get it

hubby works stupid shift ever known to man 12pm till 8pm so we rarely see him through the day seeing as he gets up and does his own thing till about 10:30 giving us 1 hour maybe of him mornign time. THEN in the week gost to play with his band on a wednesday and Satuday and fills his night time with other activities. So I get probably 2.5 hours of daddy time a day, DD gets about 2 or less since she goes to bed at 9 which is last for a 2 year old but seeing as he works till 8 there is no way around it.

I HATE how they can just go off and do whatever, yah I can go out in the day but I cant go hang out with mates cuz DD will get board and you cant totally relax when they are there and your watching you words and where tehy are and if its all child proof.

GGRRRRrrr They just dont get it...I've had this convesation many times that he gets to still have bits of his lad life and I'm not just strictly mom and thats it. I mean I love it and all but you HAVE to make time for yourself.
I could go on all day

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