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To think MIL does not need to phone 5 times in one day?!?!

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theSuburbanDryad Sat 09-Aug-08 18:11:10

I know I am, sort of, she is lovely in other ways - she came over on Thursday to look after ds because I was poorly and she is a fabulous granny.

But today we are all ill and wanting to wallow in our own misery and she has phoned 5 times to "see how we are" and to "see how we're getting on with the house" (the one we've made an offer on) and to invite us over for the weekend numerous times.

It's just so wearing. I don't answer my phone if i see that it's her, but dh always answers and then gets annoyed because i don't.

misi Sat 09-Aug-08 18:20:43

I was the other way. my MIL was around a bit after my ex gave birth but not much as she lived 120 miles away. then after a few months I only spoke to her probably once a month but would have liked her to call more to talk to my ex as she really needed to talk. my mum tried but you always do better with your own mum but unfortunately after MIL told my ex off after she denied she had PND, talking wasn't much on the agenda sad

CuckooClockWorkOrange Sat 09-Aug-08 18:21:45

He gets annoyed cos he wants you to do the 25 minutes of small talk.....

theSuburbanDryad Sat 09-Aug-08 18:40:39

I know cuckoo. But I wouldn't expect him to do 25 minutes of small talk with my mother!

Misi - MIL's are damned if they do and damned if they don't aren't they?

laluvsmatthew Mon 11-Aug-08 02:05:25

and why do they ask every phone call 'is the wee man alright? One of these times i'm gonna say no he's not alright he's lying here covered in his own piss and shit crying 4 attention! Of course he's all fuckin right just cause he's my 1st doesn't mean i don't have a clue!

mm22bys Mon 11-Aug-08 07:37:35

YANBU. I get rung up all the time by a particular person after every single dr's appt (and we have a lot) and it is boring after a while. Sometimes I just don't want to talk about it again.

SO I don't answer the phone if I think it's going to be this particular person.

Re your DH answering the phone, it is his mother, and if he wants to talk to her, that's his problem!

Oh, and it's not my MIL I don't want to talk to (not that she rings...) !

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