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to stick someones camera up there arse????

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kerryk Sat 09-Aug-08 17:05:59

going out tonight with some friends, we do it every few months and have a good laugh. the last few times though more and more people have been taking cameras out and putting the pictures up the next day on facebook.

i just dont get it hmm

sure it is nice to have memories of a night out but am i being totally unreasonable to think that a group shot before getting in the taxi would be enough?

the main culprits and friends of friends that i dont see apart from these nights out but they always try to get me involved in the holding camera out to take your own picture/ pretending to hump you from behind/ sticking tongues in your ear etc

they have been told everytime we go out to get to feck with the camera but i usually still end up in the shots.

just been to the shops to get some drink for before we go out and seen one of the girls buying her batteries for her camera tonight, thats what has started this rant.

ok feel better now.

am i being unreasonable? i often think i am old before my time because i just dont get this!!!

DaisyBuchanon Sat 09-Aug-08 17:07:59

I don't get it either but have to say when I saw the thread title I thought it was re IBS or some colo-rectal issues

seekinginspiration Sat 09-Aug-08 17:15:10

Hey your not Kerry Katona are u? Either way, I'm with u, who want's pictures of themselves looking half gone on facebook. U are not being an Old fogey just growin up.

kerryk Sat 09-Aug-08 17:18:40

not the real kerryk, she has a big tax bill to pay before she can afford a night out wink

i think this might end up as being a colo-rectal issue.

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