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Or just regressing to my teenage years here?

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solidgoldbrass Sat 09-Aug-08 01:45:42

Tomorrow DS and I are going to the parent-and-toddler group barbecue. There will almost certainly be music being played there. SO I have spent a big chunk of tonight burning a CD of our favourite songs in order to spare me DS from having to listen to wall-to-wall fucking High School Musical (which I have just worked out why I hate so much it gives me hives - of course it's not music it's a merchandising tool. That's why all the songs are just the most familiar riffs from half a dozen cheesy one-hit-wonders jammed together with no logic or actual interest in music).

Now while the idea of burning a CD made up entirely of Andrew WK and Atari Teenage Riot did momentarily appeal, I have honestly included all the songs DS loves, like Ca Plane Pour Moi and the Zutons plus various Hanna Barbera things: Banana Splits, Josie And The Pussycats. Following on from that other thread about exposing your DC to popular culture, DS has been exposed to the songs from HSM but I expose him to shitloads of different music and so far he seems to like the good stuff better...

LieselBollyKnickers Sat 09-Aug-08 10:11:02

You are quite right. DS has good taste. DD1 (6) favourite song is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John follwed by Karma Chameleon

lulumama Sat 09-Aug-08 10:15:55

i love ca plane pour moi !

totally agree with your opionion of HSM

however, aren't p&t BBQs totally mundane wink

solidgoldbrass Sat 09-Aug-08 10:17:10

Two important words, Lulumama. Free drink grin.

lulumama Sat 09-Aug-08 10:17:28

go forth and enjoy, my child! grin

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