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to think that my stepfather is a bit of a plonker . . .

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LiitleMiissSunshiinexXx Thu 07-Aug-08 14:27:13

it's my mums bday today and my stepfather has messed up his work and won't be getting back when he said he would. pils live really close and haven't even said happy bday to her or offered to look after her ds. is it a tad silly?

EffiePerine Thu 07-Aug-08 14:28:05

Can you do something nice with her? Or just take round a card and a pressie?

LiitleMiissSunshiinexXx Thu 07-Aug-08 14:32:06

yes i have bought her some flowers and took my brother out for a bit. It's just a bit annoying that nobody else is bothered! angry

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