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to take my 2yr old to the climate camp?

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MaeBee Wed 06-Aug-08 14:22:56

have been really looking forward to going this year as missed last year thinking little one was just too little. but the reports are coming in thick and fast of the ridiculous level of police harassment: raids every night, or at least setting of sirens from helicopters, cs gas, that sort of over the top stuff.
all my friends are there, including many parents whose kids are having a whale of a time, and in my experience you can generally foresee a situation before the cops go rarely happens completely out of the blue, they get fidgety for hours first before the truncheons start flying. AND when we become parents how much should we compromise our beliefs? most people involved in struggles the world over have children. and its partly FOR our kids we are fighting this rotten system. if all the families weren't there the cops would probably have no excuse for not going charging in there and terrorising the whole camp.
anyway, im not scared of my child being hurt by the cops...because i reckon we can avoid the clashes...and i certainly have no problem with him seeing them for what they really are rather than the friendly images on kids tv. BUT i don't want him to feel frightened or put him off camping...its his first ever camping trip!

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