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To expect my Ex MIL to be a little more decreet......

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VinegarTits Mon 04-Aug-08 09:26:48

....and not annouce to her whole family (her brothers, their wifes, their children, their childrens children, second cousins, friends and neighbours) that i need to find a chemist because i just got my Aunty Flo!

Ok some people are not embarrased by these things, but i have only ever meet her family once before, i was there with my ds because we had been invited to a family wedding, my anuty flo came very early and unexpected and i had forgot(in my pre menstral scattiness) to pack my mooncup, i told her descreetly that i needed to find a chemist quick, she said hang on i will ask my sil, so i followed her in the kitchen, where the whole family were gathered, and she asked out loud in front of everyone 'Anyone know where the nearest chemist is? VinegarTits has just got her period and needs to get some tampons'
I could have died.

Her sil gave me some sanitary towels to use before we set of to the church. I hate these things, always feel like i'm wearing a nappy.

To top it off, we stopped at a local supermarket on the way to the reception so people could use the cash machine, so there was a convoy of cars, full of people i had never met before. I whispered to ex mil, just going to nip into the shop to grab some tampons, but the queue in the shop was massive, and the convoy had to wait for me, and someone asked what the hold up was, so my ex mil, told the whole convoy of cars (and probably everyone in the busy car park) why i was in there blush i might as well have had 'started my period today' written on my forehead for the whole day, in fact i was thinking of asking the vicar to annouce it at the church in case there was anyone at the wedding who might have missed my news! AIBU to think she might have been a little more descreet?

noonki Mon 04-Aug-08 09:30:03

YANBU I would have been really embarrassed!!

I would have been even more embarrassed if my MIL called me Vinegartits in front of them all though grin

Oh fgs! Cringing with you... yanbu! <horror>

ImnotOK Mon 04-Aug-08 09:31:03

shock Poor you I would have been so embarrased.

Next time she goes in the loo go straight in afterwards and come out announcing loudly that you need some air freshner because she has stunk it out wink doing gagging and noseholding would add to it methinks .

lulumama Mon 04-Aug-08 09:33:18

YANBU but i would not have turned a hair

i kind of presume if women have had children they have periods and if they needed tampons, i would not point and laugh or spend the whole day thinking about it and thinking eeeeugh!

she could have been more discreet, but i doubt that once you got the wedding anyone gave it a second thoguht

bogie Mon 04-Aug-08 09:35:20

yanbu but you have really made me laugh grin

VinegarTits Mon 04-Aug-08 09:38:01

Of course i know periods are a fact of a woman's life, but i still didnt want everyone to know, it would be like asking for some bog roll because i need a shit, we all shit but we don't tell the world and his wife when we are about to have one!

lazaroulovesleggings Mon 04-Aug-08 10:02:21

That is so so funny.

mawbroon Mon 04-Aug-08 10:08:50

I would have asked her loudly in front of everyone if she needed you to get her some preparation H while you were in there! grin

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