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To feel irritated by posters who start multiple threads on the same subject, or post the same message under multiple topics.......

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Earlybird Fri 01-Aug-08 18:12:29

I know sometimes it is unavoidable due to computer glitches, but some people do it on purpose to discuss the same thing over and over again, or with only slight variations.

Why do you do it?? I know, I know.....ignore and/or 'hide threads'.......

Fimbo Fri 01-Aug-08 18:14:00

No, I agree.

Kaedsmum Fri 01-Aug-08 18:15:00

It's probably not worth getting irritated over

fryalot Fri 01-Aug-08 18:15:42

yeah, they're all a bunch of twats.

(unless it's me and I need an urgent answer so I post in three or four different topics to get the most coverage - that way someone is more likely to know the answer... but yes, if it's not me, they're twats and shouldn't be allowed to do it)


objectivity Fri 01-Aug-08 18:16:10

Does it happen that much? I was under impression it was mainly infrequent posters who did it because they weren't aware of the 'active convos' thang. No? So, on that basis, only mildly annoying to me.

People who annoy me are thoselike myselfwho bung everything in Chat wink

poppy34 Fri 01-Aug-08 18:16:44

irritating but I think sometimes the poster is pretty desperate for comment or genuinely not sure where to post

pointydog Fri 01-Aug-08 18:17:12

I've sometimes re-posted on Chat. I'm often too impatient to wait for someone to reply on other topics.

pointydog Fri 01-Aug-08 18:17:40

They are maybe just impatient twats

Earlybird Fri 01-Aug-08 18:17:53

Seems to be happening more and more frequently - perhaps since we were given the ability to 'customise' what we read here. Perhaps posters want to ensure they're 'seen', so post under multiple topics?

OurHamsterisevil Fri 01-Aug-08 18:20:48

If the poster needs an urgent answer on something then I wouldn't mind but you don't want to see the same post in 3 or 4 topics its just annoying

lulumama Fri 01-Aug-08 18:21:58

only seems to be trolls or new posters who are not sure of the etiquette.

SaintGeorge Fri 01-Aug-08 18:27:08

<<sticks up hand>>

Old timer and guilty of this on a couple of occasions.

However, in my defense (sort of) I did put in both the title and the OP that I had posted in 2 sections. One was a specific topic (which peeps might have excluded from active convos) and one was Chat, to catch the general population.

Oh and of course, there is the fact that I am an impatient twat.

lilolilmanchester Fri 01-Aug-08 18:37:29

I've posted on a couple of threads at least this week re wardrobe nightmares - but I only stareted one of them. is it that important, really?

zippitippitoes Fri 01-Aug-08 18:39:49

i have completely forgotten that apparently people hide threads

2shoes Fri 01-Aug-08 18:46:33

i have done it, posted something in sn, then thought oh I wouldn't mide a bigger picture, so poted in chat aswell.
(what are peeps)

SaintGeorge Fri 01-Aug-08 18:48:05


hughjarssss Fri 01-Aug-08 18:49:10

I tend to post everything in chat as well blush

Earlybird Fri 01-Aug-08 18:58:41

No, it's not that important - just irritating...makes me think of children who want attention, or keep asking if they aren't satisfied/don't like the answers they're given. wink

I suspect some people post multiple threads due to the speed/volume of the board these days. Perhaps it helps their threads be seen?

ScottishMummy Fri 01-Aug-08 19:15:42

cant say i notice.doesn't make more compelling 'tis still dull/puerile thread if posted 6times

ye cannae polish a turd after all and copiously posting duplicate thread's across MN does not ingratiate oneself

expatinscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 19:26:29


wulfstan Fri 01-Aug-08 20:03:50


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