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to be SO BLOODY ANGRY with o2 who have ruined my contract and my life and tried to STEAL my money.

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Kaedsmum Fri 01-Aug-08 15:53:48

Ok so not ruined my life, but my blood is boiling. Please advise me if you know about legal things and contracts.

I had 2 contracts ready for upgrade. They sent my partner his phone and it wasn't too great but he thought maybe he was being a little over fussy, so I ordered a different kind.

They sent me a phone (upgrade). It didn't work so I sent it back within the two weeks and ordered the same one as DP as I liked his.

The second phone didn't work from the start, and DP had had his phone 3 weeks by this point. Sony Ericsson C902s. They had the exact same faults.

Our son became ill, went into hospital, we had a family bereavement, 2 weeks past and I realised the phone hadn't been sent back. i rang and explained the situation and said that I wanted to change both phones. They said NO.

But they would do a doorstep swap for the same phone but a new one.

I then rang up to check how much the bill was and it turned out they had tried to charge me £279 for my FREE upgrade which they would take out of my account with my monthly direct debit the following day (today). How ridiculous.

I was told by my bank they couldn't stop it, so I rang back again and spoke to someone else at the bank who said they could.

Then today I check my e-mails, and find that the two new phones that were meant to be delivered today are not even in stock so we won't be receiving them at all!!! And they won't let me cancel either contract.

WHAT THE HELL????????????

laweaselmys Fri 01-Aug-08 16:15:51

They can cancel the contract, they're just being 02 when they say they can't. If you're not getting anywhere a phone, send them a letter canceling the contract (pref some kind of recorded delivery) and send back the phones etc then they can't deny the fact that you're canceling it.

I get the impression the phone operatives commission gets cut every time somebody cancels their contract because I know lots of occasions when they have done this kind of thing to friends of mine, and they just lie constantly.

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