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To think that all the neighbours (including dp)shouldn't be out laughing and pointing at the neighbour having his car took away by DVLA?

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ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 11:42:43

Ok he is a horrible man ,but this year he has kept himself to himself and I think he is depressed .

So today the DVLA tured up and took his car everyone on the street stood on their doorsteps pointing and laughing and someone shouted "It couldn't have happened to a batter man"

Dp running around loving it (cos he is a drama queen) I refused to go and look it's someones life fucking up not a spectator sport FFS.

(I also think he is the type to go on the rampage with a gun but that had nothing to do with my descision honestly wink)

Lovesdogsandcats Fri 01-Aug-08 12:28:51

"Dp running around loving it"

Sounds like a total dick, and a gay one at that.

expatinscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 12:29:54


What are they doing for a living that they have time to hang round in their doorstep of a morning and even notice what's going on?

ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 12:31:09

hmm ok lovesdogsandcats .

goingslowlymad Fri 01-Aug-08 12:32:23

Thank goodness I don't live in your road.

If that happened where I live I doubt very much that anyone would even notice what was happening, much less make a spectacle of themselves in the street by laughing and jeering.

Actually I have just read the OP and saw the part where he is a horrible man. In that case, if I thought he was horrible I still wouldn't publically watch or say anything but would probably talk about it with my DP and agree what comes around goes around.

wotulookinat Fri 01-Aug-08 12:39:26

Why are they takig it? Is it because of no tax?

OrmIrian Fri 01-Aug-08 12:39:30

I'd be embarrassed to even watch let alone enjoy it sad

ConstanceWearing Fri 01-Aug-08 12:42:34

I think you did the right thing, staying indoors.

Enjoying someone else's misery and shame isn't really nice behaviour, even if they did deserve it.

ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 12:43:16

I don't know why they took it he hadn't drove for ages in it and it was parked at a funny angle.

I was embarrased I so want off of this street ,dp has pissed me off and he knows it .

FWIW I did not stand outside or even look out of the window I refused ,I just feel a bit sorry for him

wotulookinat Fri 01-Aug-08 12:45:20

I think you did the right thing, too. But I might have had a sneaky look out of the window, but I am VERY nosy!

ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 12:46:36

He has been a total arse in the past emptying peoples wheelie bins and threatning neighbours .

We had a run in with him over him lighting a massive bonfire the morning of dd's birthday when a bouncy castle had just turned up hmm

His wife and son have left him because of violence .

But he has just kept himself to himself this year and seems to have stopped causing any trouble and TBH he looks a bit scruffy and ill and I think he has some kind of mental health problem .

Quattrocento Fri 01-Aug-08 12:47:29

Charming neighbourhood

themoon66 Fri 01-Aug-08 12:47:30

Bailiffs came round and cleared my neighbour's house out last year. We all stayed well away and felt very sad for the poor man sad

ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 12:49:37

No it's not a charming neighbourhood it's awful and I hate it

Ledodgy Fri 01-Aug-08 12:51:15

We got our last car takem away by the DVLA as we had a SORN on it and had parked it at the side of our house on the pavement (end terrace) the last owners of our house told us we owned that land. Turns out we didn't!

expatinscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 12:53:42

did you get it back, led?

one of ours is SORN, but it's a loooong driveway.

BetteNoire Fri 01-Aug-08 12:56:48

"everyone on the street stood on their doorsteps pointing and laughing and someone shouted "It couldn't have happened to a batter man""

Being smug, and mocking others for their misfortunes is a very dangerous game.

Karma has a habit of levelling the playing field.

I would have a real problem if my partner ever behaved like that.

I'm sorry you live amongst such people, ImnotOK - is there any chance you could move?

ImnotOK Fri 01-Aug-08 13:00:42

In his defence he did move from the window when I bollocked him but I am mightily pissed off at him ,don't think he thinks his nosy was worth it now as I have been whinging on at him for an hour hmm.

I can't afford to move right now wish I could hate it here .

solidgoldbrass Fri 01-Aug-08 13:04:32

YEs, it's one thing having a little gloat in private when someone gets some sort of comeuppance, but joining in with a public humiliation of another person is pretty grim. Puts you on the moral and intellectual level of those rampaging mobs who smashed up the car of a paed...iatrician a few years ago.

chipmonkey Fri 01-Aug-08 13:45:31

agree with BetteNoire. Mocking is catching.

Ledodgy Fri 01-Aug-08 14:22:28

Expat we didn't want it back so paid someone to take it for scrap. However we had a fine to pay that started off at over a grand but dp went to court and got away with 200 and something. The thing is i'm still sure we do own that land others in the road with end terraces such as ours have built or extended the yard onto that land.

expatinscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 17:34:08

damn, that's high tariff, led!

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