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I know I probably am....

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bratnav Thu 31-Jul-08 18:52:07

I am sitting here wanting to scream.

DDs and DSD are in the next room playing REALLY noisily but nicely I suppose.

DP has now had it confirmed that he has got the job grin, but the company hasn't confirmed yet whether he will be based in Gloucestershire or Surrey office sad, so I have been rightmove-ing houses for both for 2 weeks [hmm, we are currently in Somerset. Because of the delay in telling us, we will probably have to get the DDs to start at the school they are currently at, then move them 3-4 weeks in, which will be even more unsettling for them.

DDs and DSD are off to their other parents tomorrow morning for 2 weeks, and frankly, it isn't soon enough at the moment blush

DP has just asked me to iron DSDs dress to wear back to her Mum's house tomorrow morning, for some reason this has irritated me beyond reason.

Tell me I am being unreasonable (and possibly PMT ish and kick me up the arse to get my act together

TakeMeHome Thu 31-Jul-08 19:13:46

Time to open the wine ?????

bratnav Thu 31-Jul-08 19:27:54

G&T I think grin

Just realised what it may be, we went for a coffee with the girls and I have a suspicion that I was not given decaff as requested, which never helps with me

glitterchick Thu 31-Jul-08 20:45:01

You poor thing. What a nightmare. Any chance your DP could locate the iron and do the honours?

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