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not to be looking forwad to my holiday with daughters and my dad

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mdrooney Wed 30-Jul-08 23:18:29

I am going to haven in wales with my 78yr old dad and dd1 and dd2 who are nearly 12 and 13 my dad has paid for the holiday as money has been a bit tight this year and we wouldnt be going away, we live in London and my dad in Birmingham so although we see him every couple of months we dont spend that much time with him, and as he lives on his own he hasnt anyone to keep him on the straight and narrow and he can be a little sarcastic and grumpy he gets anxiause very eaisly,and a bit snappy with dds I love him to bits but he can be a bit of hard work, and seems to play on being a bit hopeless when me or my sister are around (I know his old but he can manage to get to the football every week on his own.) I am worried that between him and my two hormanal girls, it is going to be a nightmare, Ive been working really hard and need the break but am silently dreading it, and it would help if I could fit any of my clothers in the suitcases the girls seem to have taken over with all their stuff and shoes,
Im feling guilty as I wouldnt be going away if my dad hadnt paid for the holiday but am thinking it could be a nightmare.

LynetteScavo Wed 30-Jul-08 23:21:14

Focus on the fact that you are doing it for your girls and your dad.

I won't say it will be easy, but hopefully you will create some great memoris for everyone.

(My life, do I sound cheesy toinght!)

chipmonkey Wed 30-Jul-08 23:26:58

An ipod and headphones and a good book might help if all else fails!

mdrooney Thu 31-Jul-08 00:26:10

thanks feeling a bit ungratful now, as wouldnt be going away if it wasnt for my dad and he can be good fun with a couple of guiness in him, just gettng bit stessed with the packing and a couple of anxuies calls from dad, just going to make the best of it, hopefully we can meet up with a family with a glamoures granny. nice if it was with a single dad too(wink) just really need a break from work and the daily grind

chipmonkey Thu 31-Jul-08 01:48:19

Maybe your Dad will be more relaxed on holiday than he is at home?
I do get how you feel, we always bring my Mum on holiday with us and I do have to keep reminding myself not to get cross about the way she does things and that she is doing us a massive favour by coming along to babysit and help out with ds3 who is a nightmare handful.

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