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to not help out a good friend?

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vannah Wed 30-Jul-08 21:08:29

was I being unreasonable?
A very good friend (who always supports me when i have problems and is brilliant at giving advice) called me the other day at 7am (i was sleeping) sounding quite anxious. He was on his way to the airport with his girlfriend and their car broke down, they would have missed the flight and were not members of AA.

Asked me if I could call AA, I said no - you need to provide the AA guy with proof of ID.He then said that they wouldnt be there and that the car would just need towing to the nearest garage. I said no, I dont have towing on my membership at which point he sounded really annoyed and said he'd try someone else.

Half an hour later I felt bad, and tried calling then sent a text saying 'can call AA for you and try, you can pay me the towing charge when you get back' but he didnt reply. I guess he is angry.

DOnt want to lose a good friend, worried that I acted too late with my delayed text. But was just being honest...

have I been unreasonable and an unhelpful friend?


yousaidit Wed 30-Jul-08 21:12:33

Hmm, if they would have missed the flight without the help of the AA why weren't they going to be there when the AA came? Sounds a little bit odd, if the situation meant you were putting your cover at risk abnd you've got dc's that you have it for i'm afraid i'd have to say yanbu: just text them and say sorry, but think you'd ave got caught out, and if they were lkeaving the car (as he's tripped up and admitted) you would have tried to sort something out at a later time? (even if you;re fibbing!)

traceybath Wed 30-Jul-08 21:12:37

So was he asking you to lie so he could utilise your AA membership?

He could have phoned the AA and joined on the spot and they'd have come out to him.

Don't think you were unreasonable to be honest.

Guess he'll join the AA now!

vannah Wed 30-Jul-08 21:49:51

thankyou both. You are right, he was asking me to lie. I hated that. He has done it before, asking me to provide a verbal reference for his girlfriend who was applying for a job as a childminder, they wanted me to pretend she had worked for me.

Odd requests, when I only ever request advice from him. Relationship advice...

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