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to call DW on a girl's night out and ask....

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lurkingdad Wed 30-Jul-08 19:17:39

If she has any idea what DD did with the remote control for the freeview today? smile

for the record I haven't done it, just wondering - hoping not to get flamed too badly grin

missorinoco Wed 30-Jul-08 19:18:16

text her?

tab1 Wed 30-Jul-08 19:18:36

yabu, do something else.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:11

Message withdrawn

2point4kids Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:24

Tidy up. You'll find the remote and dw will be chuffed when she gets home.

misdee Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:31


dh does this stuff to me and it winds me up.

look for it!

MsDemeanor Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:34

It wouldn't bother me in the slightest - as long is if I said 'no idea' this didn't lead to huffiness grin
Hope you find it. Have you looked down the back of the sofa, under all the cushions, behind the TV and in the toybox?

lardybump Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:36

Have you tried the toy box or under the sofa both favourite places of my dd..

shatteredmumsrus Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:38

Dont ring her. That is something dp would do and it is really embarrassng and definatey not that important to call her.Text her please I beg of you

Collision Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:39

YANBU - call her now! She will larf and larf and tell you where it is!

TheHedgeWitch Wed 30-Jul-08 19:19:50

Message withdrawn

Sparkletastic Wed 30-Jul-08 19:20:31

My DH did this recently - I had nooooooo clue but didn't mind him calling. In the end he woke DD up and didn't get any sense out of her. I did mind that angry. In the end he found it on a bookshelf.

bristols Wed 30-Jul-08 19:20:37

Text her. I wouldn't mind if it was my DH. I'm on the remote control hunt here, too. Has your DD been talking to my DS??

MamaG Wed 30-Jul-08 19:20:39

whats the big deal, really? Iwouldn't care if my DH rang me to ask me

FluffyMummy123 Wed 30-Jul-08 19:21:24

Message withdrawn

DiscoDizzy Wed 30-Jul-08 19:22:03

It wouldn't bother me if DH rang me so long as it was brief and he didn't witter on about rubbish. Text her if you're worried about her reaction.

edam Wed 30-Jul-08 19:23:31

agree, if you must, make it a text. Phoning and saying "I can't find x, have you any idea" is just such a stereotypically useless bloke thing to do. And I'm sure you aren't, are you? grin

lurkingdad Wed 30-Jul-08 19:26:00

Not going to call, was just wondering on the response I would get from MN, she would just laugh at me. She is only driving there at the moment so wouldn't text and not sure if she's connected to the car kit. But disaster averted! I remembered that I programmed it all into the universal remote as well so have a back up plan. That was close - nearly had to cut the lawn to escape neighbours

can't believe I got 16 responses in 5 minutes

chipmonkey Wed 30-Jul-08 20:19:19

grin at this thread! When you can't find the remote, ask on MN!!wink

Hecate Wed 30-Jul-08 23:01:40

Ah, if you are anything like MY husband - you probably have man eyes. Even if it grew arms and legs and was on the arm of the sofa, leaping up and down and waving at you - you still wouldn't be able to find it! grin

thumbwitch Wed 30-Jul-08 23:02:48

what misdee said.

cheesesarnie Wed 30-Jul-08 23:04:14 be cross if dh phoned about lost remote control.its probably behind or under something!

sophiebbb Wed 30-Jul-08 23:05:13

Hecate - Love the 'man eyes' thing. So true!!!

Kewcumber Wed 30-Jul-08 23:06:41

its under the cshions. Its ALWAYS under the cushions fgs.

How old is DD - if she is 22 yrs then you could always ask her?

thumbwitch Wed 30-Jul-08 23:07:58

pmsl at Kewcumber!
maneyes - so true, best place to hide things from my DH is in plain sight, he'd never see them.

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