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to not want to pay so much for shoes?

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southernbelle77 Wed 30-Jul-08 17:39:43

I have just been to buy dd some school shoes as she has small feet so trying to get ones to fit is very hard and I didn't want to leave it until the end of the summer holidays and be left with nothing.

Went and had feet measured and they only had 2 pairs of school shoes in her size that I could get. Tried them on, one pair (start-rite) fitted much better than the Clarks ones so went for them. Got to the till and am told that it would be £39! YOU WHAT???? She is 4 years old! Not impressed. Have bought them anyway as I can not be left with her not getting any, but I will keep going around the shops to see if I can find something cheaper before then and then take these ones back.

Seriously, how can they justify charging that much for a pair of shoes that might only last her one term????

misi Wed 30-Jul-08 17:57:06

I have this problem, my son goes through shoes like mad. he has grown 3 shoe sizes since christmas but the clarks ones I get him are around £24 - £28 so not quite as expensive as yours.
owning my own business before, I could tell you how some manufacturers work out prices but there would be uproar if everyone knew, but take that shoe. it probably costs a chinese sweatshop around £2-£3 to make the shoe, then you add in admin, transport, marketing, sales costs (shop staff, premises, insurances etc etc etc, ) add in your profit margin, add on VAT if applicable, add on a cost for overall wastage and you come to a price, often all out of proportion to the actual cost of manufacture!!

stitch Wed 30-Jul-08 17:58:00

start rite is always that price.
having said that, dd's school shoes have lasted her the entire year. so not bad investment

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