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kiwi97 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:14:32

We have been having problems with our neighbour. She has been throwing and sweeping dirt, dog hair and faeces from her roof terrace onto the ground below. This is the same place my daughter plays and has her outside toys.
Basically, the person in question suffers from depression and is known to Adult Social Services. This has been happening for a long time and we have made a diary and taken photos as instructed by Child social services. Last year our neighbour made false accusations about my wife saying that she left my child behind when she goes out. Hence our contact with child services, who as a result of her findings said that these allegations were unfounded and the case closed.

Today when we came home, we found that what smelled and looked like urine thrown over by my daughters window. The same thing that has been poured outside our front door on Sunday morning. I have no idea what else to do anymore. My daughter and wife’s safety is paramount to me and I just fear that something else might happen. My wife is also 3 months pregnant and this whole situation is very stressful for her. I do not think that having faeces and urine is very healthy to a pregnant person.

WinkyWinkola Mon 28-Jul-08 16:17:07

Not very healthy for anyone, never mind pregnant.

Not really sure what you can do apart from spy on the area the whole time to take snaps as proof it's your neighbour doing this rank stuff.

Would there be any point in talking to your neighbour? Creating civility again? I know why you wouldn't want to but for long term peace?

Or go round and ask if she's seen anyone who could be doing this? In all innocence, say you'll be setting up CCTV to catch the culprit.

Seeline Mon 28-Jul-08 16:18:26

Can the Police do anything?

kiwi97 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:22:29

It's very difficult as I've already spoken to her & she just say's who cares!
I'm thinking about Mediation to hopefully resolve this. I've also told her health care worker about what's going on.

theonlyfemale Mon 28-Jul-08 16:37:46

and what did the health worker say?

Tell her you care! and as your neibours some consideration must be shown!

Once you feel you ve tryed your best to resolve it and she carrys on i would get the police involved!

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