Advanced search be absolutrely APOPLECTIC with rage at my bitchy neighbour?

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SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:40:09

I was just in a the garden getting in my washing and I heard one of my neighbours talking to another. This neighbour in question is a childminder and is always very friendly.

Anyway, as I was getting in my washing, I heard her say "Oh, I'd never touch Sheiky's kids. They are really bloody naughty, they never behave themselves and they fidget and fight constantly. They are out of control." I also heard he say "AND she takes the pushchair through the house" LIKE IT'S A FUCKING CRIME.

I just coughed a bit to let them know I could hear every fucking bitchy word she was saying. I really wanted to kick off, but my kids were there. I wanted to grab the bitch by the throat and call her a fucking wart ridden harridan, but then I'd be accused of being unhinged as well.

Folk can say what thery fuck they like about me, but NOT MY KIDS. How fucking dare she? Yes, my children are a gbit feral sometimes, byt they are normal boys of 23 months and 3.7. They are not out of control. Show me a child of that age who never plays up, and I will run to Basingstoke with njo clothes on.


NigellaTheOriginal Mon 28-Jul-08 15:42:56

You take the pushchair through the house. surely not?

Nagapie Mon 28-Jul-08 15:43:16

Time to invite a friend around and return the favour !!

fallingdown Mon 28-Jul-08 15:43:20

whats wrong with taking your pushchair through the house?

elmoandella Mon 28-Jul-08 15:43:34

she's a weirdo! whats the problem with the pushchair?

where you supposed to keep it?? she's only person i've heard of who doesn't take pram in house

SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:43:46


I was not aware this was against the law.

sagacious Mon 28-Jul-08 15:44:26

My children never fidget

They squirm

BouncingTurtle Mon 28-Jul-08 15:44:37

'AND she takes the pushchair through the house'

You are not alone in this - we must be a pair of dirty slatterns hmm

I'm pretty sure your kids are no better or worse than anyone else's, YANBU to be angry but don't let her know she's upset you.

SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:44:38

I get it out of the car, which is normally parked at the back of the house. I carry it through to the froint

She is really fucking sad if she is watching me every move

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 15:45:10

angry for you!!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 28-Jul-08 15:45:27

pmsl at the taking the pushchair through the house line grin

Jesus, some people have nothing better to talk about.

SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:45:47

My hot-headed, read-haried Irish side is telling me to get the fuck rouynd there and have a go, but I will look like a fish wife, so I think from now on, avoidance is the only tactic

NotQuiteCockney Mon 28-Jul-08 15:46:16

You take your pushchair through the house!!! shock shock shock


SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:47:27

I know, it's fucking disgusting isn't it? I should be up in front of the firing squad for crim,es against Anthea Turner

WinkyWinkola Mon 28-Jul-08 15:47:44

Strange woman. I wouldn't take any notice of her.

She's clearly got some funny ideas and doesn't have much going on in her own life to notice such details about yours.

Someone whose opinions you really care about?

Slashtrophe Mon 28-Jul-08 15:48:02

I don't get it - how else would you get the pushchair from back to front? Does she fly hers over the roof or something?

savoycabbage Mon 28-Jul-08 15:49:11

Remember that woman on that programme about the fake babies. She had three identical white leather prams and she washed the wheels on the pram she took her baby out in before she brought the pram in. That's what you need to do grin

savoycabbage Mon 28-Jul-08 15:49:49

Not that it was a baby it was a DOLL!

sagacious Mon 28-Jul-08 15:50:52

What are you meant to do with a pushchair?

We have a neighbour who leaves hers outside her front door sometimes till even the end of the day.

There is much pursing of lips.

SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:50:58

No, I couldn't give a tross what she thinks. But I do think it's a bit off talinmg about my kids like that, especially when they are normal.

And to think, I almost asked her to mind my 2 when I went back to work (close shave)

HumphreySmallPillow Mon 28-Jul-08 15:51:06

How upsetting. sad

And disappointing to find that someone who seemed so friendly is really a lying, gossipy, rude, ignorant, trout-faced, bitchy, evil, stirring witch.

Little boys are supposed to be part-feral.

Having two of my own, I know that they're the best kind. smile

berolina Mon 28-Jul-08 15:51:11

angry for you. I would probably have had to say something. Living in Berlin among forthright German urbanites has made me very gobby assertive.

Silly cow (her, not you )

Gateau Mon 28-Jul-08 15:51:27

I would go round and let her know - calmly - that you had heard what she had said. And that it wasn't very nice.

SheikYerbouti Mon 28-Jul-08 15:52:59

I can't go round yet, because I'd probably smash her face in

Gateau Mon 28-Jul-08 15:53:28

Oh, and forgot to add, don't get into a battle about it. Just say it - and leave - no matter how tempting it is to bitch at her.

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