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northernnotions Mon 28-Jul-08 09:55:41

ok - name changed for this as it involves some mnetters and apologies as it may seem more like "am i being too sensitive."

i introduced rl pals to someone i met through mn. they got on well so it was nice to all meet up. when my circumstances changed and i wasnt around as much through the week- they continued to meet up when i couldnt join them. still all grand with that.

i now find out that mnetter (whom i always knew was a bit of a gossip and a bit bitchy but in small doses - a bit of a laugh) has been really quite malicious about me, my dd & dp and generally scapegoating me for things totally unrelated. rl pals are cutting off contact with her because of this and other negativity.

so - it may not seem like much but it has really got to me. more so that she has been so mean about dd who is only a baby.
i am so tempted to call her and ask what the heck is going on but dont want it to all end in playgroundstyle conversations. of course i also could just cut off all contact with her too but that seems petty.

am i being just a bit too touchy?

HonoriaGlossop Mon 28-Jul-08 10:19:15

why would it be petty to not contact someone who's been horrible about you and your child? Seems sensible to me. Why would you want to KEEP contact?

it's not touchy to mind someone being malicious about you. Friends are supposed to be nice to eachother!

AbbeyA Mon 28-Jul-08 10:20:49

I agree with HG.

ThinWhiteDuchess Mon 28-Jul-08 10:40:24

If someone was saying unpleasant things about us I would have no hesitation in cutting all ties. Life is too short to be worrying about people like that. Sounds like it should be pretty easy to do as your RL friends feel the same as you.

northernnotions Mon 28-Jul-08 13:01:54

thanks folks. i was worried i was being too sensitive. (puts on assertive hat and gears up for action!)

MrsTiddles Mon 28-Jul-08 13:26:21

Also it sounds like your friends in RL have responded in a supportive (to you) way and so she's effectively cut out of the picture now anyway.

YANBU by the way!

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