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To be a bit annoyed at PIL

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bonnibaby Sun 27-Jul-08 08:43:36

who babysat our 2 DC last night while we went out for our anniversary...
DD 8 months is very clingy just now so i suggested that if she started crying one of them could maybe take her out for a walk round the block to settle her .
We also have DS aged 2 and i said if they want to take him too in the double buggy then fine,left it all ready in the hall in case.
It was a lovely warm evening last night and we were out at 7 so not ridiculously late.
Came home 3 hours later to find her screaming the street down and were told she had been since 20 mins after we left.....
DS had also been kept awake and been quite upset although had dropped off by the time we got in.
AIBU to think they might have at least tried what i suggested?

mum2oandh Sun 27-Jul-08 08:52:10

ANBU at all

Why do PIL always know best hmm

RubySlippers Sun 27-Jul-08 08:55:01

Really hard to be upset with someone when they have done you a favour

also, you knew your DD was likely to wake up

perhaps they did take her for a walk

anyway, they didn't ring you and they let you have an evening out and tried to handle things as best they could

electricluluarella Sun 27-Jul-08 09:03:59

maybe they did try? or maybe the walk did not settle her and did not want her screaming outside for ages, disturbing everyone?

at least they did not ring you and ask you to come back, you still had your evening out, no harm done to anyone, so YABU

bonnibaby Sun 27-Jul-08 09:06:39

No they didnt try, they said they "didnt get round to it"

bonnibaby Sun 27-Jul-08 09:06:42

No they didnt try, they said they "didnt get round to it"

chefswife Sun 27-Jul-08 09:09:24

well, i would be annoyed if they didn't even try.

cornsilk Sun 27-Jul-08 09:20:37

Sorry, I think you are being unreasonable. If you are going to ask people to mind your chn, you are going to have to accept their ways of doing things when you aren't there.

whispywhisp Sun 27-Jul-08 09:24:59

I'm in two minds on this one.

If they didn't try what you suggested then why not? Didn't have time? They had 3 hrs to try! It may/may not have helped.

Having said that if you knew full well that your DD is clingy etc then I wouldn't have gone out and left them.

No matter how much you wanted to go out and enjoy your anniversary the happiness of my kids always comes first.

Sparkletastic Sun 27-Jul-08 09:25:12

I would have done what you suggested if I were them - for their sanity too! I always follow orders when babysitting for someone as if you don't I think they won't feel able to trust you with their DCs again.

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