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To think puppy/kitten/jungle in my pockets are evil?

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muggglewump Fri 25-Jul-08 19:01:47

I let DD have these, she is allowed a Friday treat and often chooses one, they have sweets, a toy and aren't dear really.
But, the damn things are evil. DD plays nicely with them, puts them away nicely, I double check but still I always stand on them with bare feet!
I never stand on them with shoes on which is how I know they are alive and evil, they are clearly placing their cretinous selves right under my feet. I looked at one earlier and I could see the evil.

Would it be unreasonable if I told DD they had caught a nasty disease that would turn her green if I didn't bin them instantly?

Roskva Sat 26-Jul-08 18:09:56

lol grin

shouldn't that be a nasty disease that would turn her purple, as in the bruises on your feet from walking on the things? grin

My dd is too young for them yet, but I'm dreading the day...

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