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To be getting really annoyed with MW saying yes I can, have HB, no I cant, Yes I CAN....

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Sorry just want to vent my frustration.
Constantly reminded I need to get to 37 weeks to Have a HB Water birth.

I am nearly 35 weeks and if they dont stop stressing me out with their decisions this baby will come before and I will be furious......
How bloody difficult can the decision be
angry angry

MsHighwater Fri 25-Jul-08 15:40:13

Surely you have a right to have your baby at home if that's what you want (and assuming an untroubled, uncomplicated pregnancy)?

VictorianSqualor Fri 25-Jul-08 15:53:56

YANBU, But they don't actually have a say!
Tell them you're having a home birth.

Turniphead1 Fri 25-Jul-08 15:56:01

what reasons are they giving for changing their minds? If any?

vlc Fri 25-Jul-08 16:14:02

I planned an HB Water birth. My waters broke on the morning of 37 weeks. Phew.

(still ended up in hospital, but never mind)

good luck!

vlc Fri 25-Jul-08 16:15:39


There's a letter on the homebirth site which reminds them of their obligation to attend you and their liability if they don't. Have you seen it?

VictorianSqualor Fri 25-Jul-08 16:16:34

vlc? Orange person? Nice to see you backsmile

vlc Fri 25-Jul-08 16:20:22

thanks! yes, it's me. Missed you all, couldn't stay away.


Thanks not going to stress any more about it now.
My pool has arrived today, I will just go with it and see what happens. smile
Last phone call was to my dh today to say Yes I can deliver in the water now, it shouldnt be a problem.
But a district nurse is going to call and discuss it with me.hmm

Maybe they changed there mind because I told mw yesterday without being rude that It is my right to have someone here and for me to have the birth I want.

I understand if they havnt done a water birth before they may feel uncomfortable or nervous, but surely its down to them to find someone who can do it.

VictorianSqualor Fri 25-Jul-08 21:59:41

Totally, you have every choice in the world, they have to be the ones to accommodate, not you.

sabire Fri 25-Jul-08 22:23:30

Maybe they're trying to put your blood pressure up by upsetting you, so they've got an excuse not to birth your baby at home!

Anyway - ditto what everyone else says about being assertive.

I strongly recommend the 'broken record' technique with negative health professionals (as pinched from Nicky Wesson's 'Homebirth' book)

HP: "If your waters go and you don't go into labour within 24 hours you'll have to come in and be induced you know"

Mum: I intend to have my baby at home, but thankyou for your advice - I'll be sure to consider it.

HP: "And you do realise that if there isn't a midwife free you'll have to come in and have your baby on the labour ward"

Mum: I intend to have my baby at home. I appreciate that staffing may be difficult so it's good you have a lot of notice so that you can make sure that properly qualified cover is available.

etc etc

You get the picture


"Surely you have a right to have your baby at home if that's what you want (and assuming an untroubled, uncomplicated pregnancy)?"

Actually you have a right to have your baby at home, full stop. I say that as someone who had a planned homebirth after a pregnancy that wasn't 'untroubled' or 'uncomplicated'.

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