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To not want my dh to go away this weekend?

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2luvlyboys Thu 24-Jul-08 20:18:27

Or any weekend tbh. My dh has been in the territorial army for about 15 years (before we meet and obviously before our dc`s were born.) When we met I saw it as a hobby an interest. He has worked his way up from a private nto full corporal. He enjoys his weekends away and his fortnights anual camp and tuesay evenings. The problem is I stopped seeing it as a harmless hobby the day he received his call up papers to go to Iraq. He spent 6 months in Iraq during 2003/04. Again before the dcs were born. He works very long hours and very rarely gets weekends off although he does get days of in the week. All this means that the support I used to give him is getting less and less particularly since the dcs were born. Our youngest is 8 months and still doesn't sleep well at night our oldest is 2 3/4. He did all the required amount of weekends and fortnight a/c last year although as I wes pregnant at the time (extremely so during his anual camp!) and his hours were even worse than they are now I was not happy with him going. Since the birth of youngest ds I have managed to disuade him not to go away for his weekends. However thi

Yorky Fri 25-Jul-08 15:52:35

You feel you are in competition with his mates in green - he gets lads weekends away and you spend more time on your own. Do you persuade him not to go or nag him? Have you explained how you feel? I can understand how you feel abou this call up papers but one overseas tour in 15 years is not a lot. Many husbands are away for the birth of their children and my DH only got back to the country 4days before DS was born. It was an interest/activity he did before you met, which pays very nicely for a part time job, and he is obvioiusly doing well to receive promotion. I don't think YABU to not want him to go away this weekend, but he will feel like you are trying to control him if you say not go away any weekend, emphasise that he is missing time with his kids

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