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To shudder at performing stage school children?

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Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:35:24

DS4 is obsessed with The Wiggles at the moment and we have been watching the same video over and over again.

What is it about child performers? I usually (well, most of the time) see children and smile fondly.

Is it because I'm not from a thesp background and therefore don't appreciate 'the craft.'

It's their fixed smiles that wind me up, mostly.

BTW. To the mnetter who thinks Anthony (with a 'th') is 'hot.'

You're weird.

motherinferior Thu 24-Jul-08 18:36:24

That would be a no, YANBU. The rictus fixed smiles are too Midwich-y for normal children.

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:40:08

Pleased I'm not alone, MI.

They look so high maintenance, don't they?

StarSparkle Thu 24-Jul-08 18:40:50

Hi, my DD is also wiggles fan.... she loves them and i have to watch the same DVD over and over again !

TBH i understand what you are saying about stage school kids - find them cringe worthy. But must add that i hae never been onto performing arts either

I have'nt found the kids on the wiggles stuff that bad.... take a look at the ones on Barney dvd's .... now thats stage school
cringe !

After taking DD to a recent wiggles concert I had a dream about Murry ...... i don't even fancy him. {blush] so can emphases with the mnetter who thinks anthony (with th) is hot.

motherinferior Thu 24-Jul-08 18:42:40

They are not, really, not functionally, children, are they. Normal children are a bit chaotic and occasionally have runny noses and refuse to behave immaculately.

Or perhaps that's just mine, of course grin

Cammelia Thu 24-Jul-08 18:45:23

And their faces usually look about 50 on child's bodies

motherinferior Thu 24-Jul-08 18:48:07

They are also having to be too damn responsible. Normal kids should be able to fluff something, including a dance performance, without it actually mattering.

StarSparkle Thu 24-Jul-08 18:48:59

I find child actors in big films scary.

They are about 12 and sit there in interveiws talking like they are adults and are so grown up
... (shudder)

tamarto Thu 24-Jul-08 18:49:08

The wiggles kids have nothing on the Barney kids, they paved the way!

YABU as it's wiggle kids, but if we include Barney ones you are most definitely NBU

LadySanders Thu 24-Jul-08 18:49:34

i just had to look up the wiggles website to see which is the one i fancy. its anthony with a th too.

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:50:42

Exactly. No child should be that confident, surely?

We're all supposed to blunder through life until we hit 40 and then think "Aha! So that's what it's all about."

By which time gravity and life has caught up with us - and we can't do the stuff that we knew we were supposed to be doing?

Or maybe that's just me?

sarah293 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:51:28

Message withdrawn

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:53:20

I take it back. I can understand how even Murray might be appealing at 5am after four hours sleep.

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:55:21


But do you really fancy him? Or just fancy him in comparison to to the others?

trockodile Thu 24-Jul-08 18:56:01

AFAIK Barney actually made a big deal of not using 'professionals' but ordinary children -also special needs kids if I remember correctly. Long time since I watched Barney though.

BettySpaghetti Thu 24-Jul-08 19:00:17

I was going to mention the Barney children too - always grinning manically smiling, always dancing/skipping/jumping/bobbing around and never still.

Flamesparrow Thu 24-Jul-08 19:02:59

The children was my main reason for avoiding Barney at all costs.

There is no way they weren't stage children!

LadySanders Thu 24-Jul-08 19:04:33

bubble, hmmm, i'd definitely take him instead of jeff.... i seem to remember that hte pirate was a bit of alright?

emj23 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:08:32

Well, in RL, it's all very well if it's the child's choice to get involved with acting, it's just when they've been pushed into it that it gets to me. I can't stand parents who try to get their children to do a 'party piece' like sing a song or something whenever there's any kind of an audience, it makes me cringe.

Back on the topic though, the children in telly programmes do always look a bit scarily intense, like they're concentrating too hard and are under a lot of pressure.

cornsilk Thu 24-Jul-08 19:11:30

I think some of those children might actually be children of the Wiggles themselves, which is even more scary.

falcon Thu 24-Jul-08 19:17:25

I can't be convinced that the Barney children are human, they must be robots or part reptile hence lack of emotion with the exception of a permanent inane grin.

mrsruffallo Thu 24-Jul-08 19:18:02

I was a stage school child and there is nothing wrong with me

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:19:05

Mmmm. Captain Feathersword?

Again, it's all in the comparison - isn't it? grin

Bubble99 Thu 24-Jul-08 19:20:48


I can see you gurning from here. wink

MrsTiddles Thu 24-Jul-08 19:25:01

I feel sorry for stage school kids. They've been handed a copmletely warped sense of values and expectations, which they often cannot live up to (i.e. many more kids than roles for them, or successful transitions from child to adult performer).

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