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TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:06:16

...they should at least check the spelling so we are not all spending an hour trying to decipher it.

ninah Wed 23-Jul-08 22:07:12


MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 22:08:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:09:27

Because they spound like mad people! Or teenagers. [grins]

theexmrsfederer Wed 23-Jul-08 22:09:45


MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 22:10:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:10:50

Or a mad person...

ScottishMummy Wed 23-Jul-08 22:13:44

nope it is a discussion forum not Harvard referencing and good grammar and spelling.

get with the programme it is supposed to be funny and fast,moving not perfect syntax and composition and spelling

would be stultifying if no one posted for fear of errors

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:16:04

Sorry, I thought it was a corner for bitching...that was the impression I got anyway.

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 22:16:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

33k Wed 23-Jul-08 22:18:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wrinklytum Wed 23-Jul-08 22:19:19

"spond" like mad people"

Yeah and your spelling is so perfect,right??


WinkyWinkola Wed 23-Jul-08 22:20:44

It's a discussion forum dependent on writing.

It's more helpful if posters can spell properly, yes. YANBU.

ScottishMummy Wed 23-Jul-08 22:22:48

i hate all this pedantic one should spell properly etc so inane.either read and contribute or mooooove on sister

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:23:01

Or at least make a bloody attempt.

Good point wrinkly tum, see how annoying it is??

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:24:22

Ah, I'm just bored because my husband is playing ps3 rather than being adoring of my wonderful spelling. I'm just jesting.

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 22:25:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wrinklytum Wed 23-Jul-08 22:25:29


My spelling is pretty bad.My grammar is appalling.The pedants would have a field day.

TeeBee Wed 23-Jul-08 22:26:01

Got an image of fast tripe now...just before bedtime too.

ScottishMummy Wed 23-Jul-08 22:26:07

can you imagine all pedants incandescent about errors.missing the point.whilst the rest of us have a good ole laugh at a humorous transient posts

all you pedants still musing the spelling etc

cheesesarnie Wed 23-Jul-08 22:26:31

my spelling can be crap but im happysmile

S1ur Wed 23-Jul-08 22:27:16

I find it amusing that I have seen more errors on this thread than any other tonight.

YABU becuase reading a misspelt word does not involve taking an hour to comprehend it. I suspect you are talking about cod. So YABU. Get over it.

(did you notice how easily you read my spelling of because?)

divastrop Wed 23-Jul-08 22:28:12

bad spelling is fine,i just assume the poster is as bad a typist as mewink.txt spk is inexcuseable tho!!!!!!!(as is the over use of !)

LackaDAISYcal Wed 23-Jul-08 22:28:19

If you can't understand it.....move on. why waste an hour?

I'm thinking you must be referring to one of Cod's threads though; 'tis a well known fact that you are not a regular MNer until you can decipher and understand what she is saying wink

wabbit Wed 23-Jul-08 22:29:00

but we recogise eachother by the way we post... it's individual, some typos are characteristic of the person posting - makes it more like real chatting smile

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