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To want to do nothing with my first afternoon alone in 3.5 years!!

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glaskham Wed 23-Jul-08 11:19:31

OK... i dont think I am!!

I have the first afternoon alone in over 3.5 years today!! DH is working and my parents are taking both kids from 12 till around 6-6.30ish. Now whenever anyones had the kids its been so me and DH can go out for a meal, or to the pictures.... I've never had any time all alone in the house since DS arrived in Dec 04!!!

DH had a couple of work letter he wanted posting and i said no as i didn't know if i was going out and didn't want to go out purely to post them when he would normally get his staff to do it anyway (i've NEVER had to do it in the past).

I had planned to have a nice hot bath listening to the radio, then watch a couple of girly films!! And make a card for my sisters birthday. I have hovered all of downstairs already this morning, washed all the pots, put 2 loads of washing on so far, cleaned out the rabbit cage and cleaned the bathroom....

DH just text saying he was upset i wouldn't do a little job of posting 2 letters.... am i not allowed a day OFF???

so AIBU.... be honest with me!! I can take it!!

MamaG Wed 23-Jul-08 11:21:09

I think he's being a bit silly

tell him he's overreacting

Helennn Wed 23-Jul-08 11:25:45

I think a text back stating that he obviously does not appreciate the fact that this is the first afternoon you've had to yourself in over 3.5 years, and that it is the principle more than the actual task that is a problem.

I know I definitely need time to myself and love spending time at home to read a magazine with a cup of coffee, mumsnet, have a bath etc. I could not have lasted 3.5 years without going loopy so stick to your guns!

Flum Wed 23-Jul-08 11:25:48

how far is the post box. i think i would psot letters for my DH, he would do it for me.

Bumdiddley Wed 23-Jul-08 11:26:58

I am drooling with jealousy smile

Tell 'im to stuff his letters up his arse

Flum Wed 23-Jul-08 11:29:15

TBH, I would probably say I had posted them and post them the next day.

2point4kids Wed 23-Jul-08 11:29:47

I'd have taken the letters and said I'd post if I went out.
If I didnt go out then I'd post them a week later when I found them in the bottom of my bag the next morning

glaskham Wed 23-Jul-08 11:30:38

They are pretty big so need weighing before posting and the nearest post office is a 20 min walk (so 40 min round trip)- its only 2 mins from his shop to the nearest one there, and it is what he pays his staff for anyway- and he brought them home because he was going to do it before he went to work anyway as he didn't start till 11am today!!!

MamaG Wed 23-Jul-08 11:31:23

lol Flum - I think I'd do that too

hattyyellow Wed 23-Jul-08 11:32:28

How far is the post box? I'd probably do it if it's a short walk/drive and combine it with a trip to get more chocolate to watch the girlie films with.

Unless DH has lots of time off to relax, he probably has a point that it's only a little thing to ask.

I think you're so right to have a quiet afternoon at home watching tv. It's something you rarely get to do, especially if the house is clean and you can enjoy a peaceful quiet house by yourself for once!

hattyyellow Wed 23-Jul-08 11:33:21

Cross posted - he should have taken them with him in that case! Ignore the letters!

glaskham Wed 23-Jul-08 11:37:34

Hatty- he has 2 days off a week in which we tend to do what he wants.... I always get up with the kids so he can lie in bed on his day off.... I dont think he understands that i NEVER get any time off from housework and looking after the kids aswell as the usual nursery run too!!

He said the letters were urgent and needed posting yesterday- so would have gone mad if i'd said yes but not posted them...

As i had said no he took them to work with him, so Now i'm just left with a grumpy DH who thinks i should have posted them to save him the inconvenience of asking one of his staff (or go himself) to post them!!

2point4kids Wed 23-Jul-08 11:38:00

Dont stress about it now either as you'll ruin your peaceful afternoon!!
Just relax, clear your mind and then tell him he is an arse later!

glaskham Wed 23-Jul-08 11:40:03

I may just do that 2point4kids!!

I haven't replied to his text, and will probably get a phonecall from him later in which i'll just explain that i had thing that i wanted to do and didn't want to have to go out!!

LazyLinePainterJane Wed 23-Jul-08 11:47:16

unplug that phone, woman and get in the bath!

memoo Wed 23-Jul-08 13:06:14

YANBU, everyone deserves a bit of time off occasionally, even us mums, you enjoy your afternoon and stuff everyone else

partaria Wed 23-Jul-08 14:11:44

Enjoy your well deserved afternoon and dump all thoughts of those letters NOW.

mazzystar Wed 23-Jul-08 14:13:45

but, please, don't spend it on mumsnet [ or it will be gone in the blinking of an eye]
get out in the sun

WinkyWinkola Wed 23-Jul-08 14:22:13

envy Have a lovely time doing nothing! grin

Oblomov Wed 23-Jul-08 14:22:38

He is.

MadameCheese Wed 23-Jul-08 14:28:46

Frankly why are you doing the washing and cleaning the bathroom? That is not an afternoon of in my book

LazyLinePainterJane Wed 23-Jul-08 14:45:28

But I would do the same, then you can bask in the cleanliness of the house in your afternoon off, knowing that you have nothing to do. Otherwise, I would be lying in the bath (when I should be relaxing) fretting about what Needs To Be Done...

glaskham Thu 24-Jul-08 17:37:44

well thanks everyone- i spent the afternoon in the bath, making my sisters birthday card, and i vegged out on the sofa with some popcorn and a couple of girly films- all my housework jobs were done before the kids left.

DH came home and was fine about it!! though he forgot to take the letters out of the car till today so they didn't get posted anyway till this morning!!

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