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To have let my 2 Dc sit on the sofa all day watching TV

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SoupKitchen Mon 21-Jul-08 15:45:27

The are 2&3, they had a really busy weekend and we were hardly in the house, picnics , park,etc.
Today they cannot even be persuaded to play with toys or go in the garden.
AIBU to let them get away with this on a sunny day

Seeline Mon 21-Jul-08 15:50:11

No you're not. If they are really tired and don't want to do anything else why not? They wouldn't enjoy doing something that you had made them do. Early night and tomorrow is another day.....

panicstruck Mon 21-Jul-08 15:50:49

Waves at soupkitchen - Sometimes you need a break and so do the DC - they are probably shattered poorlittle things - no doubt will have had a nice rest and will be raring to go again tomorrow - and of course it will rain hmm but you can't expect them only to rest on rainy days- as long as you don't do it 7 days a week i'd say all is well grin

SoupKitchen Mon 21-Jul-08 15:53:10

Waves back at panicstruck, thanks I just feel sooo gulty with the TV thing when the do it.
We have plans for the rest of the week so this is really the only chance they will get to slob out( can preschoolers do thet???)

panicstruck Mon 21-Jul-08 16:00:01

Preschoolers need down time as much as anyone- probably more so when thery're so full on, sometimes you need a break too. TV is fine in moderation or in times of need I'd say that if you're feeling guilty it means you have the right attitude towards it and clearly don't abuse the use of TV .
- of course you can always take them to get a happy meal to eat in front of the TV along with fruit shoots and all the other banned substances if you feel you're not doing it properly grin grin

Moomin Mon 21-Jul-08 16:04:17

arggggh I'm feeling guilty about this too but I feel shit and knackered (I broke up from school on Friday too and I am shattered). Dh is at work; I took the dds out earlier (to Tesco's - wow!) then spent some time in the garden today but (moan alert) it's too hot now and we're all really fair and I did one nanosecond's worth of weeding and felt like lying down!!

Now they are both in front of the tele and I feel like joining them. I feel so pathetic

panicstruck Mon 21-Jul-08 16:05:27

Did I mention mine are now playing cbeebies on the computer - not any better than watching it on the TV I fear blush

Gateau Mon 21-Jul-08 16:05:38

It's a pity they're missing out on such a gorgeously sunny day but I suppose you can hardly drag them out kicking and screaming..

crokky Mon 21-Jul-08 16:08:06

It's fine. My DS (2) is spending the afternoon in front of the TV after a busy weekend in the garden and out and about and visiting family. He has also been to a group this morning and played with other children. He is now very tired with a bit of a temperature. TV is not evil, it is relaxing. I asked my DS if he wanted to go in the garden and he doesn't. TV is appropriate at this time.

Seabright Mon 21-Jul-08 16:11:25

YANBU. I once heard the following wonderful discussion:

Young woman: And what wonderful things did you do to amuse yourselves when you were younger, before TV, Gran?

Gran: We didn't. We were board.

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