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To expect EP to pay a proportion of 29 pounds for our dd's holiday? (very long rant!)

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carrielou2007 Sun 20-Jul-08 21:48:46

DD dad and I split when she was very small, we still holiday together, great for both him and dd to spend time together, build her some lovely family memories etc.

Booked holiday last week very limited for dates and choice as he wanted one of his other children to come also. She is classed as adult and he is paying for her. We booked it together online, looking at the all the options, prices etc etc and he nearly broke his neck trying to see my online banking passwords as I had to pay for it. I ask him for the money asap, invoice comes with the breakdown, he gives me nearly 200 pounds less than his share so I ask for the rest and he wants details.

No problem, I get documents out, basically just divide everything by three (him, his dd and me) then double it (him and his dd) is his share. He ARGUES that is not right as I have included the 29 pounds for dd (she is 18 months) and why have I paid for excess baggage (you could not reduce this at the booking as sometimes you can) tells me to go on beeping holidy myself and storms off!

Don't get me wrong, whilst divorcing, his EW forged his signatures on some documents and cashed in some money (quite a few thousand) that was supposed to have be split so understand clear need to have exact details but we are suposed to go in a week? He is happy to pay for one of his other daughters but not for ours I have to pay that do I???

He won't answer his phone. We have actually just spent quite (well sort of) a civil afternoon buying him some shoes for holiday and I spent a lot in the sales on half price clothes for dd (and bought loads next size up poor thing never has full price clothes, did he offer a penny of course not)

I really struggle with him, am I being unreasonable?

bamboostalks Sun 20-Jul-08 21:55:55

Bit confused tbh by the relationships and connections. Can you clarify who's who?

WendyWeber Sun 20-Jul-08 21:58:36

Is he saying you should have deducted the £29 for the little one and then divided by 3 & multiplied by 2?

Or does he think the whole thing should be split down the middle & you should pay half for his older DD?

Either way he IBU grin

(Not sure this helps though sad)

feelingharddoneby Sun 20-Jul-08 21:58:56

YANBU - he is basically throwing a strop over £14.50 (plus half of whatever the excess baggage is)

Sounds as if he was looking for an excuse not to go to me

carrielou2007 Sun 20-Jul-08 22:05:11

Bambo our dd is 18 months, we are not together but he sees dd as often as he can/wants/is able when we are not working. He also has 4 other children (teens to early twenties)with his ex wife the youngest who is 14 who is booked on this holiday.

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