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To be annoyed DH switched BB9 off to watch Superbikes he's RECORDED..

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TheHedgeWitch Sun 20-Jul-08 21:10:55

Message withdrawn

frisbyrat Sun 20-Jul-08 21:50:46

Um, no?

<runs away cringing in terror, hoping that's the right answer>

Piffle Sun 20-Jul-08 21:52:17

no way
I happily turned it over to watch the bikes..
Bb9 shit in comparison

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 21:53:11

yes of course you are.

Why would anyone not switch BB9 off if it came on?

<mind boggles>

warthog Sun 20-Jul-08 21:53:52

oh yeah... BSB!! fantastic!!


warthog Sun 20-Jul-08 21:54:35

oh sorry - was it british superbikes or world superbikes? not that it matters of course. excellent stuff!

Piffle Sun 20-Jul-08 22:01:39

and it's moto GP not superbikes actually
Go casey

TheHedgeWitch Sun 20-Jul-08 22:06:42

Message withdrawn

TheHedgeWitch Sun 20-Jul-08 22:07:49

Message withdrawn

wannaBe Sun 20-Jul-08 22:09:08

I would turn it over to watch paint dry if it meant that I didn't have to watch bb9.


2shoes Sun 20-Jul-08 22:10:25

the very idea of watching BB is wrong on so many levels.

warthog Sun 20-Jul-08 22:10:31

another vote for rossi here. casey's got a lot to prove!

TheHedgeWitch Sun 20-Jul-08 22:12:04

Message withdrawn

Piffle Sun 20-Jul-08 22:42:07

broken 3rd metatarsal for lorenzo no good for gear changes though
Stoner pulled too hard

lucykate Sun 20-Jul-08 22:57:13

piffle, i need you here

sorry for hijack

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