Advanced search open psychogirl1's 'love letter' that has just been posted thro the door???????

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FrodoPsychoFlame Thu 17-Jul-08 20:24:56

I am ever so slightly pished !

psychogirl1 is at scouts

there has been a letter (obviously containing jewellery) posted thro the door.

we are (well, mewink) very keen to find out who this is from.

she is 14

what do you reckon on the chances of me still being alive in the morning if I follow thro with my needs......

((disclaimer......not overly serious, I am drunk and flame is being my voice in my head tellign me to do it!!!{well, steam it open in fact}))

PaulineMole1 Thu 17-Jul-08 20:26:45

Don't do it you pisheads wink

noonki Thu 17-Jul-08 20:27:02

She will never ever forgive you do NoT touch it!!!!

FrodoPsychoFlame Thu 17-Jul-08 20:30:47


you spoil all our fun!

FrodoPsychoFlame Thu 17-Jul-08 20:31:07


you spoil all our fun!

noonki Thu 17-Jul-08 20:45:42

or if you do, you must tell us all...go on you know you want to... (on my second glass now...)

memoo Thu 17-Jul-08 20:46:36

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

elmoandella Thu 17-Jul-08 20:51:16

would she notice if you stuffed it in another letter? resealed it up and scribbled the name on again?

EffiePerine Thu 17-Jul-08 20:52:11

Put in her room to remove the temptation

and put that wine away <stern>

OrmIrian Thu 17-Jul-08 20:53:02

Open it!

You are guarding her moral welfare after all. Not as if you are snooping at all.....

allgonebellyup Thu 17-Jul-08 20:54:05

no dont do it, you nosy old bag

Squirdle Thu 17-Jul-08 20:54:52

Ooh do it, do it grin

Awww how sweet!

I have to stop myself from asking DS1 about his girlfriend (he is walking back from Aikido with her right now....funny how he is much later these days....)

OrmIrian Thu 17-Jul-08 21:02:37

DS#1 had to but his gf a christmas present - she stipulated jewellery (didn't matter how cheap - thankfully). So he and I trawled all the cheap trinket shops to find her something she would like. I have never... and I mean never seen anyone so outside of his comfort zone grin Poor bloody kid didn't know what to do. In the end I found him some of the freebies my mum gets as gifts from various catalogues.

FrodoPsycho Thu 17-Jul-08 22:00:16

she is home............

and I followed her until she opened itblush

((tis psychomum for real now, altho the others are still here tarot reading!))

it is from a boy (from scoutsshockgrin).

contains a note (saying 'psychogirl1...this is a gift for you as I like you) (( utterly sweet<<swoon>>))

and earings from accessorize and a necklace.

I want to be 14 all over again!!!

she has also devided the boys at scouts.....all the boys like her ((not sure if I should be proud of my utterly beautiful daughter, or scaredhmmwink))

Psychomum5 Thu 17-Jul-08 22:04:19

adding on my real name to add to my threads

Bronze Thu 17-Jul-08 22:06:21

She should keep him. Do you think his mum would lend him to me to train hubby on how to treat women

noonki Thu 17-Jul-08 22:10:22

I like the fact that she didn't shout at you to go away as I would have done at that age... come to think of it I was sent flowers at that age and my shouted at me @what have you done to get flowers!!!

(to be honest not as much as I wanted to!)

noonki Thu 17-Jul-08 22:10:51

that was my mum by the way

Psychomum5 Thu 17-Jul-08 23:19:41

she is very good to her mum....well, now she is, maybe not in a year or sohmm.

she is stil very embarressed by it all tho, wondering why she is liked and all....I remember all that, the insecurities. and you never really grow out of it eitherhmmblush

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