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that the landlord of my office should regularly clear away hazardous pigeon crap

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DonnyLass Thu 17-Jul-08 19:33:39

I lease a small office .. there is an infestation of pigeons which they cleared out ahead of me moving in... that has become infested again and their droppings are all over the alley that leads to my office. I have to walk past a pile of stinking poo everyday and it's getting bigger.

I v politely wrote to the property manger to ask when they were going to do another clean of the area ... explaing that it is a health hazard and as I am 20 weeks preg I cannot risk an infection.

Just got a ridiculously dismissive response back saying oh yes, we put spikes up but they fallover. Nothing else.

i guess I'll have to check the fine print in my lease but surely there are standard Landlord / tenant health hazard responsibilities?

Anyone know ... AIMBU to expect them to at least bleach the place down once a quarter?

DonnyLass Fri 18-Jul-08 18:04:12


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