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Another crazy bus lady

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goodasgold Wed 16-Jul-08 21:37:40

I got on the bus with dd2 and ds3 yesterday. I took dd out of their double puschair to sit next to me, whilst ds slept in the pushchair.

Dd gets excited and starts to say/shout hello to every car and motorbike and ask me questions about where the bus is going. She is 2 and 4 months.

The 70 year old lady across the aisle asks me if dd can be a bit quieter, so I ask dd to hush, but don't really bollock her. After about 5-10 mins the old lady says 'look I've asked you once, can you make her quiet, I was on the bus first it was peaceful until you got on with your pushchair the size of a ...'

At this point the lady who works in the bakery in the village I live in said 'shes too little to make quiet' and the old lady said 'she was old enough for a smack and that she would grow up to have children outside of marriage and seek consolation in drink and drugs'

I put a brave face on it, but when I got off the bus I cried.

My dh said that I should have said something back, but what?

Not really asking wibu, just what would you do?

If you can be bothered to read so much, cheers!

TheHedgeWitch Wed 16-Jul-08 21:40:51

Message withdrawn

lizandlulu Wed 16-Jul-08 21:42:18

i dont know for sure what i would do but most likely go bright red and swear at her cause i couldnt think of anything quicker.

what a horrible old lady.

dh would have said something aong the lines of 'i have paid my fare to be on this bus the same as you so piss off'grin

i hope you are feeling better, things like this make me feel awful for days.

LuckySalem Wed 16-Jul-08 21:43:50

Ditto thehedgewitch

TigerFeet Wed 16-Jul-08 21:46:51

I would hope I would have been quick enough to retort along the lines of "Well she won't grow up to be a rude old bat"

But I tend not to be that quick on my feet

PinkTulips Wed 16-Jul-08 21:51:00

i'd probably have ranted something along the lines off....

'she's a child and i will not beat my child into submission just because an old bat like you thinks they have a right to total silence in a public space.

i hope you've just become a cranky old witch in your old age and you didn't really treat you own children so nastily because if you did i seriously pity them and their miserable childhoods.

now sod off and stop harassing me and my child before i ask the bus driver to boot you off the bus for abusing the other passengers'

but then i frequently get in trouble for shooting my mouth of so maybe your way was better in the long run grin

kittywise Wed 16-Jul-08 21:51:19

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!
I bet you have come up with a huge number of stinging one-liners by now.
What a miserable old woman.
It would have been good to say something along the lines of tigerfeet's idea." Well if she doesn't grow up to be as rude as you then I'll be happy"!!

Desiderata Wed 16-Jul-08 21:52:16

Nasty old ladies goad people because they want someone to tell them to shut the fuck up.

They miss their husbands, you see? wink

dilemma456 Wed 16-Jul-08 21:52:45

Message withdrawn

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 21:52:55

Bloody old bitch. angry. Kids who talk like that in public places always make me smile, I love hearing the random stuff they come out with. Horrible old witch.

goodasgold Wed 16-Jul-08 21:53:12

I have come across this lady before, when my ds was about 5 weeks and he was crying in the local Co-op and she said 'screaming brats, my son used to cry all the time, I hit him so much, but I suppose they like it now' and another time when my dd said/shouted 'hello' to her when she got on the bus and she said 'screaming brats' I really think she's got it in for me, and I'm rather a quiet person, who tries to teach by example, so it's not my style to say anything back, but I think she knows this, so I would like to say something, so she will leave me and my poor dc alone.

minouminou Wed 16-Jul-08 21:53:24

I would've said "I don't think you're very well, are you?" in a rather high-handed tone
nasty piece of work

litterbug Wed 16-Jul-08 21:53:53

PMSL @ desi!

totalmisfit Wed 16-Jul-08 21:55:20

bonkers old dinosour. forget all about her

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 21:56:07

She has a fucking screw loose by the sounds of it.

lottiejenkins Wed 16-Jul-08 21:56:16

When my ds was small he had a paddy and threw himself down on the floor of the supermarket, an old lady came up to me and said "thats young man needs a good smack on the backside" shock to which i replied "and you old lady need to learn to mind your own business because you dont know anything about my son do you?"grin i left her mouthing like a goldfish!!!wink

goodasgold Wed 16-Jul-08 21:56:51

Thank you all for you posts, I thought maybe I was being unreasonable for having such an exuberant dd, who really at this age I could tell her to be quiet nth times, but I would be wasting my breath.

CapnTaLcY Wed 16-Jul-08 21:58:06

grin lol desi!

Having been a victim of 'elderly people on bus abuse', just a few weeks ago, goodasgold,
i share your pain.

If you're anything like me, you'll be thinking of 'if only i'd said' retorts for the next few days.

Horrid old bat.

ScottishMummy Wed 16-Jul-08 21:58:30

oh dear biddies on buses.i use bus a lot, and unfortunately get inane comments or tuts too

i just practice looking serene whilst i silently fume

she sounds horrid, rankly a curious 2yo should be able to express themselves and ask questions without wee biddie getting humphy.

shame she was so rude to you

you did the right thing best ignored.who needs confrontation when you have a lo too much hassle

mistlethrush Wed 16-Jul-08 22:03:20

Ds and I have had very animated conversations on the bus - and sung songs (relatively quietly I must admit wink). You were quite OK - no one minds a child who is talking happily with their parent on a bus - its the ones that are jumping up and down on the seats or running up and down the bus that people are probably rightly concerned about as they are likely to get hurt...

NumberJill Wed 16-Jul-08 22:07:20


Delivered with hand gestures and VERY piercing tone.

posieflump Wed 16-Jul-08 22:09:59

tbh the best thing to do is bite your tongue, sa nothing and therefore keep the moral high ground

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 22:12:20

Or bite the old lady instead! Grr!

WigWamBam Wed 16-Jul-08 22:13:11

I always used to look down my nose and say "My daughter is being revolting because she's two years old. What's your excuse?"

Shut them up every time ...

lenny101 Wed 16-Jul-08 22:15:00

Sorry you were made to feel bad goodasgold. I'd have smiled at you both and congratulated you on an interested and interesting dd. x

An old man told me my ds2 (1.1) should be quiet in a supermarket a couple of weeks ago. My lovely boy has just found the joys of squealing in an echoing store.. great sound I think wink

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