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To be cross at DD school for lack of communication skills. (Long)

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RainbowMeg Wed 16-Jul-08 17:49:51

Proberbly ABU, but am so fed up with lack of communication from the school.

Been one of those days.. Suddenly it is 3 O'clock both littlies are fast asleep and I realise the time. No way can I get both up, nappies changed, dressed and to school in time to collect my DD so I phone my friend who said she would collect DD from school and walk her home.

Phone the school - apologize, tell them Friend X will collect DD as the babies have overslept and didn't want to be late for her. Asked politely that they tell DD that everything is ok (she is a bit of a worier) and that Friend X (Mum of boy in her class) will bring her home and that they tell her that Mummy is ok, but the babies overslept.

DD arrives home with Friend X. As soon as she walks in the door see a huge graze on her face by her eye. Ask what she has done - She tells me she was kicked in her face (whilst she was STANDING UP playing a game in the playground at lunchtime) which resulted in her glasses coming off and a big graze that has narrowly missed the corner of her eye.

I accept that accidents happen - though I am puzzled how a 6yr old girl gets kicked in the face when she was standing up...

AIBU to have expected a word of explanation either on the phone when I rang or by the teacher to my friend when she was collected?

Also they didn't tell her why I wasn't coming.. I know they are busy - Have worked in a school myself, but was it really too much to ask? She thought I'd had an accident and was worried when she was told that "You're to go home with Friend X" with no explanation - as I always let her know if I will not be there and who she will be collected by.

Rant over - Thanks 4 reading if you got this far.

LIZS Wed 16-Jul-08 17:57:09

How much time was there between you phoning and them being due out ? Sounds as if the message may have got hastily passed on (I assume it wasn't theteacher herself you spoke to) and perhaps not fully or at least she may only have heard part of it. However if timing was tight then yabu to expect them to do more than that. As to the graze I suspect confidentiality means they could n't tell your friend and unless it was recorded offically and treated it may not have registered yet with the person you had spoken to. They probably deal with a number of such incidents and calls a day and may not have made the connection.

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 18:05:21

I disagree LIZS. Sometimes I have to ask myself if any of the teachers or office staff have actually had children, I would have made it a priority to advise that child if I had taken that call, but that's the mum in me. It's little things that make the difference. They should have told you about the graze, if she has received a kick to the head it is important that they tell you, she could have bloody concusion later FGS!

RainbowMeg Wed 16-Jul-08 18:07:35

I guess I ABU...

I specifically asked them to explain to her why I wasn't coming - but is was only 20mins b4 school finished.. It didn't leave much time - but I know how she worries.

It was 'dealt with' in the medical room from what DD said.

I guess I'm peeved as there have been so many other things that they haven't communicated ..

Also I used to be a welfare assistant in a primary school and also worked in pre-school - Anything that I treated - I used to send home a note / ring the parents (more serious injuries), or ensured I spoke to the parents in person as they were collected.

nooka Wed 16-Jul-08 18:22:57

I am very surprised that she didn't come home with a note. My dd has one most days (it's a standard format - injury: bump on head treated with: icepack). Nothing about who or why the said injury happened (dd is always getting bumps and is a bit of a drama queen ) more what they did about it I guess. I thought it was standard H&S.

LIZS Thu 17-Jul-08 16:54:32

Did you ask more about it today ?

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