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To think that ofsted should hurry up?

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honeybehappy Wed 16-Jul-08 17:27:06

The nursery we have looked at for dd has been registered with ofsted for 7 months and has not had an inspection yet.

I phoned ofsted 2 months ago and they said it would be done by the end of june, we took her for her taster day on monday and she sort of escaped.

I was there for the morning with her to see how she got along and in the outside play area there is a bit at the side where they have put a large toy and wood behind it but dd managed to squeeze through.One of the workers saw stright away but thats not the point.

I have just phoned ofsted who said they cant tell me when it will be inspected incase i tell the nursery, he said not before end of term.

The nursery is perfect in every way except this from what i saw anyway.So i would like to know if and what else they are told to change/make better.

AIBU to think they should do it before bloody sept so we can send her to our second choice thats a good 45 min walk away.

Love2bake Wed 16-Jul-08 17:49:05

When I became a CM, you could not get registered UNTIL you had an Ofsted Inspection.

Should be the same for nurseries IMO

MrsTiddles Wed 16-Jul-08 18:03:38

How much store do you put in the Ofsted report anyway?

I have read reports they've done on montessori nurseries where they criticise the lack of group "goals" and ways of assessing if everyone is meeting them, when the whole point of a montessori is that each child progresses at their own pace.

I would take the ofsted with a pinch of salt (unless there is something very dramatic like no CRB checks on non-teaching staff for example) and go with your own opinion of the place and the advice of other parents whose children attend.

squirrel42 Wed 16-Jul-08 18:32:49

Nurseries would have a "registration visit" before being allowed to open but then they wouldn't have a proper inspection until about 6 months later. The same applies to childminders.

It's a bit of a funny time right now as there's no normal Ofsted inspections on this summer, because the way of regulating early years care is changing from September onwards. The last three year inspection "cycle" ended at the beginning of April and all the inspectors are now being trained in the new legislation. I know registration visits are still taking place but Ofsted might be waiting until September to do proper inspections so it can be under the new law. Don't quote me though! grin

squirrel42 Wed 16-Jul-08 18:37:00

Okay I just re-read and saw the bit about your dd escaping from the play area; that doesn't sound too safe. Did you raise it with the manager? Did the staff member who saw do something to close up the gap in the fence or were they just very dismissive? If the nursery doesn't seem to want to take action to ensure their premises are secure I'd tell Ofsted that as well as asking when the next inspection is due!

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