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or is dh?

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peacelily Wed 16-Jul-08 11:16:26

Argement last night, opposing points of view.

I was going out, dh had known about it for ages and all importantly it was on the calendar (this is the word of the lord in our house, if it's not on it doesn't happen, this is dhs ocd not mine). I was due to be where i was going at 8.00pm. 20 min walk away and needed 20 min to get ready (I'm low maintenance).

Dh was faffing about as usual going out to put petrol in his car at 7.10 I asked him totake over bathtime so i could get ready at 7.35pm he asked me to read the stories so he could go out to get fish and chips!!!

I was mad because I felt in wanting to do this he had no respect for my plans and would ultimately make me late. he said "it'll only take 10 mins" this is bollox. I pointed out I'd never been in that chippie less than 25 mins. Then it was "so what if you're a few minutes late" which made me fume, yes 5 minutes or so doesn't matter but actively doing something that might make me late is disrepectful.

The argement then went off at various tangents ie why was he going to the chippie when we'd just had a shopping delivery etc. (I get sick of chucking mouldy food away cos dh would rather have take-aways).

In the end he got his mate to come round so he could go out to the chippie!!!

Who was right, me or him??

VictorianSqualor Wed 16-Jul-08 11:26:57

YANBU, he is.
IF he wanted take away he should have either been ready to do it before you went, or missed out.

I'd probably have got him to drive me to where I was going and pick up chippy on the way home and put the kids to bed himself.

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 11:34:09

Why oh why do they always have a problem with us going out!

peacelily Wed 16-Jul-08 11:35:22

I'm going out tonight too! he's got the huff about this because he's not been invited (girls only) he doesn't get this at all.

VictorianSqualor Wed 16-Jul-08 12:12:38

Oh well, if you're out two nights on the trot I'd make allowances.

itati Wed 16-Jul-08 12:17:36


OrmIrian Wed 16-Jul-08 12:20:42

He is an arse. DH takes every opportunity to get a take-away rather than sort something for himself when he can cook perfectly well. And it gets expensive after a while.

alicet Wed 16-Jul-08 12:23:26

Dh kind of does this too. Doesn't get that I want to spend a bit of time making myself look nice and that this means I can't bath boys one I am all dolled up! Try to arrange going out after they're in bed though so it's not too much aggro.

Don't think he minds me going out (in fact I know he doesn't) so don't know why this happens but there we go.


stoppinattwo Wed 16-Jul-08 12:27:47

At the point where he asked you to read the bed time story i would have said "it isnt on the calendar so no!! and neither is the chippy!!!! " wink

peacelily Wed 16-Jul-08 12:28:59

stoppinatwo that's brilliant grin!

stoppinattwo Wed 16-Jul-08 13:46:08

yw peacelily.........i would rest your case there smile.....debate over

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